You dont have to believe me that youve stolen my heart, I can literally show you.

Never in my wildest dreams did I picture such happiness. Rather than floating in the skies I am tethered to a wonderful reality, I am tied to you. To love in madness and in madness find love, but with you I see the world clearly, every detail perfectly drawn out. Logic and passion live side by side now, and if I lose my mind, I know i'll find it next to my heart, both lying perfectly still in the palms of your hand.

Have you ever been so madly in love that you feel as if you were constantly floating? We all want to fall in love because it feels reckless and thrilling. Passion expands your horizons and thrusts you into nothingness and love is the delicate thread that holds you to the ground but gives you the freedom to go out and explore. Under the alias of Maniaco D’amore (maniac of love), the young Italian artist Pietro Tenuta delicately ties you to all your fantasies and allows you to daydream. The worlds he creates are inviting and they inspire you to venture into the limitless worlds of desire.

For Tenuta, love is a pastel-colored land where passion and emotions coexist in the tranquility of nature. How would you picture yours? His characters are adorned with flowers and roses, the icons we associate with sweet love. We see how some of their characters have lost their hearts but they don't appear to be in pain, rather they are hopeful of catching the thief who stole them in the first place.

Love is a pain that you must share.

The former advertising graphic designer has explained that he likes using his training in design to create a new visual language for emotions, in other words, he believes that more than creating nice looking works, he likes conveying emotions that talk directly to an audience that like him, are letting their emotions run free. At the end of the day, these works are private and personal places where shyness doesn’t exist and where one can freely let emotions talk for themselves.

If you want to see more about this artist, follow him on Instagram: @maniacodamore


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