Hilarious Comic Illustrations Of Everyday Struggles That Are Just Too Relatable

Yeah, this comic artist pokes fun at all the awkwardness you experience every day.

It’s Monday morning and, for some reason, my alarm didn’t go off. Besides being late for work, my dog is literally begging me to take him out. On top of that, I realize I forgot to pay some bills and my electrical power has been cut off. I cut myself while shaving, I can’t find my left shoe, my cell phone shows one hundred angry messages from my boss: “WHERE ARE YOU?” “GET HERE ASAP!” I realize that the universe is conspiring against me, and I just want to yell “Fuck my life!” 

Moments like these really drive me nuts, and I’m probably not the only one, I’m sure you too have been a victim of unlucky events and the consequences that come from leaving things until the last minute. Truth is, we tend to blame our luck for these unfortunate situations, but everyday struggles sometimes just happen because we either procrastinate or allow our inner RuPaul Drag Race Diva to pop up and make a dig deal out of nothing. But definitely, the best way to own up to these fuck ups is through humor. This is why, Deya Muniz and her relatable illustrations will not only make you feel understood, but you'll also laugh at yourself for being a little diva sometimes, weird, careless, and irresponsible, and that's ok.

When the universe conspires against you

It's funny how sometimes you feel like you've performed great in a task and then life decides to prove you wrong. Nah, it probably has nothing to do with the universe conspiring against you, but who hasn't been in the situation where a small thing ruins a perfectly good day? I'm talking about a little coffee stain on your white shirt, a broken nail, or realizing you're wearing different socks unintentionally. The struggle is real, so why not laugh while you're at it?

When my weirdness takes over

Who doesn't have that one quirky feature that comes out after two margaritas? For example, I am a very quiet and discreet person, but when it comes to the movies, I am loud AF and can sometimes have arguments with the characters onscreen. Now that I think about it, I probably look like a maniac yelling at the TV or even worst, yelling at the movie-theater screen where tons of people are surrounding me, staring me down. Muniz's illustrations make you think: "What is that one weird thing I do that makes people stare at me in an odd way?"

When I'm being too dramatic

We crave attention, yet we tend to reject people when they want to hang out with us. We make a scene in front of everyone when it wasn't really that necessary. We are all drama queens deep inside and that's ok. Muniz' illustrations are relatable and extremely funny because she embraces those dramatic moments.

When my poor social skills want to come out

It is one of those days when you're meeting someone for the first time and you go for a handshake and they go for the kiss and you're both dancing around trying to figure out how to say "hi." Sound familiar? While this is not a poor social skill, it is still an awkward moment that makes you cringe. At the end of the day, if you're loud, curse a lot, say inappropriate things, it's not the end of the world, there will always be people out there who will click with your quirkiness. So, if someone thinks you lack some social skills, just tell them "it is what it is."

When we are too hard on ourselves

Sometimes our worst critic is ourselves. We tend to be very harsh with ourselves and the choices we make. We raise the bar to impossible standards and when we reach it, we're not satisfied. It’s important not to let our own criticism bring us down and change who we really are. Muniz is quite aware of this and through her comic illustrations she teaches us that overreacting about our personality traits, isn’t really necessary. Instead, laugh at yourself as much as you can.

When we procrastinate

Who doesn't do it? We let things flow and we don't care care. We leave tasks and responsibilities to very last minute because we are daredevils that thrive on adrenaline rushes.

Muniz' illustrations offer so many lessons about how to deal with ourselves when we lose control over insignificant things that don't mean a lot. So what if my hair looks like crap today, I'll just wear a hat...problem solved. Overall, I agree with Muniz in many things but specially in one: humor is the best medicine to deal with difficult struggles… and ourselves.


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