Illustrations Of The Moment I Realized I Had To Stop Searching For Love By María Uve

How do we know when to stop searching for love? Is there a clue or do we just have to figure it out by ourselves?

Is love a real emotion or just something we’ve invented to feel connected with someone? I used to think the latter. After such a long time trying so passionately and unsuccessfully to find that person that would turn my whole world upside down I somehow decided that love was just an invention made by a macabre entity to distract us from the really important things. I decided not to fall again for it. Well, to be honest, that only lasted a couple weeks since it wasn't long before my heart and mind were craving for romance and all it implies. I bet it’s happened to you, or at least most of you. We all experience love in so many ways, like love for your family, friends, pets, even your job. There are many ways in which we demonstrate that feeling, but when it comes to romantic love, it’s easy to feel distraught and anxious.

For many of us, romantic love becomes a quest (sometimes subconscious) that never ends. But what happens when we finally find it? Does our mind knows that’s it and settles, or do we keep thinking there’s someone better for us out there? How to know if the person we’re with is THE one? Some people say that, when you find that person, you know. That there’s an unspoken intuition that says this person is the one you want to share your life with. Or, to put it in more cynical and less romantic terms, perhaps that person is actually the one, but you’re story together isn’t meant to last forever, as we’re told love should. 

Either way, I believe that even if it’s not a matter of “the one” or our “soulmate”, we usually pour all our love and emotions into a relationship no matter if we see a future for it or not. That’s what happened to me not so long ago, and although the story didn’t really look like those fairy tales I loved so dearly and longed to emulate, at the moment, I knew I had to stop my quest because I had found that treasure I was looking for. I can’t really put into clear words how I reached that conclusion. For me, that person meant everything, and I knew deep inside that no matter who appeared in my life, no matter their qualities (physical or mental), no one could be compared with the person I loved. For me, it was pure love.

So, thinking about how to explain that feeling, I came upon these illustrations I found so relatable and made me realize how universal this feeling is. I mean, I know love is pretty much experienced by everybody. Yet that intimacy, laughter, and more importantly, emotional connection, was far beyond my reasoning. So, these became a visual aid that helped me understand even better what I felt then and what I wish to experience again. What I loved about these illustrations wasn’t just the relationship depicted by the artist, but the subtle messages she leaves for us in the form of tattoos, imprinted on the lovers’ skin, hoping their love is as permanent as the ink. 

In some of them, as you can see the artist has added that ancient idea of the red string of destiny that ties two people even when they’re far from each other. For me, it was all that imagery what made me connect with the illustrations, not to mention their quality and the lovely color palette she uses. Oh, by the way, I’ve been talking about this artist’s work without even introducing her to you. The brains and artistry behind these is the Spanish digital artist that goes by the name of María Uve. She works mainly with digital illustration, exploring the everyday moments of love, the intimacy, the joy, as well as its difficulties and challenges. She's definitely an artist to watch.

If you want to see more of her work, take a look at her Instagram account: @maria_uve_


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