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4 DIY Decor Ideas To Give Your Space That Log Cabin Vibe

17 de marzo de 2018

Ariel Rodriguez

Grab a drill, brush, and some glue. These ideas will not only change your home but save you a lot of money.

I recently moved to a two bedroom apartment, my first time living by myself. Although the space is not that big, I wish to turn it into a welcoming place – not the typical bachelor apartment with old slices of pizza and dirty laundry everywhere. As I looked for innovating idea at department stores, I stumbled with the most cliché decor items ever: crystal coffee tables, canvas printed photos of Paris, and aluminum table chairs. I was very frustrated and almost bought a black-leather couch. Luckily, I noticed something amazing as I was watching one of those home improvement shows. The TV show host was building a coffee table out of recycled pieces of wood. I loved the contrast between metals, prints, and rustic wood furniture. I started digging online and I found more ideas to start building my very own furniture. Here are some of the best:


If you are like me and don't know where to put so many books, picture frames, and other decorations that need a place to sit. Grab some wooden boxes, throw some paint on them and screw them next to each other until you accomplish an wooden-rustic bookcase that won't cost you over $600 USD at a furniture store.

On the other hand, affordable wooden beams can be put together as a tall and sturdy bookcase. You can even provide the sales associates at the construction and supply stores with the accurate measurements needed to build the case. They will gladly cut it for you. Honestly, they are so simple to make with a drill. After putting it together you can paint it or leave it as is.

Coffee Tables

If you have a modern couch with some crystal decorations and a few metal objects, a rustic wooden table would pop on your living room. Just like the bookcases, they require very minimum effort and are very affordable. You can even skip the painting part because the wood already stands out. I suggest getting some flower arrangements and placing them on top. You can even use any flat surface, even old windows and doors to be the top. Then, use the beams to hold up the structure. Don't forget to let your creative side take over!

Kitchen Hooks

If everything looks shiny and metallic in your kitchen, a touch of rustic cabin wood will make it seem homey. I personally have trouble finding a place to hang all my pots and utensils. For that reason I'm always looking for kitchen hooks, hangers, or handles to place on my kitchen walls. But plastic always breaks apart and the bronze accessories are really expensive.

Wall Decorations

This is my favorite part of using rustic ideas in my home. Wood stands out next to walls. If you mix it with picture frames and flowers you'll be very satisfied. The best idea I found was the one with recycled jars. As you can see in the pictures below, hanging a jar to a hook attached to a wooden rectangle is a very creative idea, doesn't seem hard to make, and it's my favorite of them all!


There are infinite ideas on how you can create your own rustic vibe. Not only is it very affordable, but there are no wrong decisions when it comes to DIY. If you have zero handyman skills, don't be afraid to learn some that can become very useful in upcoming decorating tips. The main idea is to recycle already forgotten items. Before you throw an item away, think: could this be my next picture frame, coffee table, or shelf?

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Ariel Rodriguez

Creative Writer


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