13 Luscious Illustrations Of Our Secret Garden Of Pleasures

Welcome to our secret garden of pleasures. You can touch as much you want, but you cant rip anything from it.


Do you remember the first time we left all our shyness behind and explored our deepest desires? I hold on to those memories so dearly, not only because for the first time I was able to look at you in a different way, but because something inside me changed, and without any warning, I was someone else. I discovered a person in me I didn’t recognize, a more adventurous and confident woman, able to be led by her own passions and desires. And with just one intense kiss, you were able to plant a seed in this renovated person. 

That night was the beginning of a long project in my mind, soul, and body. That seed blossomed like the most beautiful flower you’ve ever seen, and each time we gathered to work together on that gorgeous garden, a new special plant emerged. Each kiss, each embrace, each caress would turn into a unique specimen that adorned so proudly our secret garden of pleasures.

Soon, I became well aware of the magical forces of our intertwined bodies. It was as if we were suddenly transported to a new land without worries, where the only thing that matters is the present, and where we were able to be free, really free. Now I could see how the most exotic and flamboyant flowers started blooming from our skin, how our own sweat became the breeze that fed and encouraged them to blossom shamelessly before our eyes. 

And even as our garden became bigger and more dazzling, I could still notice the first flower standing right between us. She came from the first seed of our love. Although it’s not as colorful and big as the others who appeared out of confidence and ecstasy, she’s still the most exquisite of them all.

Oh, how I wish we could stay forever in this place we’ve both created. How magnificent would it be for us to stay and never look back? But I guess that impossibility is what makes this garden so precious, why all our flowers look glowy and beaming, waiting for us to feed them with our drives and desires. That's why our little flower shines everytime I think of you. You’ve created something inside me that keeps inviting me to visit our garden and keep it as graceful as it is when we go together.

[End of fiction]

These illustrations that have been accompanying this story belong to Sarah Norman, an illustrator based in South Australia who uses simple and delicate black and white strokes and lines to create the most alluring and evoking illustrations. As you can see, most of her illustrations feature female characters merging with the beauty of flowers, creating extremely romantic images that exude femininity. However, this femininity doesn't fit standards that associate this term with inferiority, delicacy, and weakness, Norman shows us what real femininity is like. These are strong women with very expressive features showing us that, yes, we can be delicate and gorgeous as any flower, but at the same time, we can’t be tamed that easily. Just as flowers, we also have a wild and powerful side that won’t allow anyone to shatter us. 

If you want to see more of this artist’s work, take a look at her Instagram account: @sarahnorman_artwork


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