18 Hilariously Creepy Vintage Halloween Greeting Cards

If you arent into vintage cards, after this, you wont be able to live without them. These are seriously a hilarious journey into the past!

Vintage images always make me happy. Not only can we see the aesthetics and style of those days, but we can also learn a lot about how people thought and what they cared about at the time. When it comes to cards, illustrations, or even photographs, it’s interesting to see how much we’ve changed. Many jokes, puns, and images that people found funny back then, we can find boring, outdated, or even politically incorrect these days. So, let’s do that exercise, shall we? Below are 18 vintage Halloween cards that were meant to be funny and cute, but perhaps you’ll agree with me that for our standards nowadays, are just creepy and awkward.

At first glance, it just looks like a cute and innocent little girl dressed as a witch, but I can’t help but think her pose is a little inappropriate, considering her age.

I find the face in the mirror really disturbing. Unlike the previous image, which was meant to be cute, this one plays with the idea that sometimes the mirror reflects things that we can't see with our own eyes.

I don’t know what’s scarier, the message on the card or the possibility that J.K. Rowling might have ripped off this idea for her Mirror of Erised.... Is a husband what you desire the most? 

The same old-fashioned gender dynamics, but scarier.

The awkward moment when you have to carry your drunk friend out of the club after they’ve done something stupid.

This one is probably my favorite because it’s like my life's motto in one illustration: Even if I have no idea what’s going on, I just go with it and keep smiling. Everyone who worries too much is like that partypooper dude in the corner running away out of there.

I have nothing to comment about on this one, it just gives me the creeps for some reason.

If being good to goblins means I'll get lots of chocolate, count me in!

I love this one so much! I wish I hang it up on a wall in my room. I don’t know what I love the most, the sexy lingerie hanging on the chair, the creepy witch mask, or the fact that she has a haunting license on the wall that looks more like a certificate or a prize.

Scary advice, for sure, but the “man in the scene” couldn't care less. I wish I could be that reckless.

The artist who drew this card wasn't that good with faces, not even the pumpkin ones. Look at the one in the middle, it looks like it’s too stoned to care.

So many things going on in here, and I don’t get any. Do you?

This one will scar me for life. Where to start? I don’t know what’s creepier, if that poor pumpkin’s face in pain, or the fact that his fellow pumpkins are celebrating (one of them is actually pushing the knife down). Well, except for the one in the middle. It’s almost a cannibalistic rite!

I love how both the girl and the pumpkin look terrified. The girl has a sort of curious look, but that poor pumpkin just can’t take it.

I'll have whatever the moon's having. Seriously, I'd love to see that so badly! I hope it was a good meme.

No idea what this was supposed to mean or how it's related to the actual image… Why is a mouse cop chasing another?

Halloween Greetings from someone who’s too depressed to care.

This is my kind of party! Let’s be honest, we’re all the super hyped cat.


These cards make me wonder why anyone would buy these, write something on them and send them to their friends and family. Under what context would you send the one with the husband or wife to someone? I guess we’d have to find someone who actually received one of these… Hope they’re still around. In the meantime, there’s nothing left to do but thank god we have access to these today! I hope they made you feel as happy as I am right now.


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