17 Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love With Hip Tattoos

March 22, 2018

|Ariel Rodriguez
seductive hip tattoos

It's all about matching your style and adding charisma to your sex appeal.

Hips are a kind of intimate area of the body, sometimes visible when wearing tops or swimsuits. Because of this, having a hip tattoo to show off during spring and summer can shock a couple people (in a good way). Many women fear the painful stories regarding the process of getting ink on this sensitive area, specially those gals with little to none tattoo experience. However, you don’t have to get anything huge in order look sexy. Something as small as a cute coin-size design will give you that seductive look you’ve been looking for. If you want creative and fashionable designs that stand out, these ideas will make you fall in love with hip tattoos.

seductive hip tattoos 1

Let’s retake the small tattoo idea first. I personally find small tattoos more suitable for the frontal area of the hips, kind of towards the stomach, yet try not to locate them too far away from the side edges. Crosses, birds, flowers, dream catchers, and even initials, suit this area of the body well and people can't help but glance at it. If you are lucky enough to have a fit or flat stomach, I’ll suggest getting a phrase or wording in cursive. If your belly is not the flat type, don’t worry, colorful and outlined small designs also look beautiful on women with curves. Having a small tattoo on your hips says you are confident and passionate individual who is not afraid to take risks. Remember that your body shape doesn’t restrict you from having an awesome hip tattoo, it is how you wear it and why you wear it all that matters.

seductive hip tattoos 2

Moving on to the larger tats, I think you can never go wrong with flowers, especially roses. They can be arranged in so many ways to adapt to your personality and style. I like the ones that are locate just on the side and run from the stomach level to the butt area. There is also an alternative on having it come all the way to the stomach, at least the tips. The flowers, leaves, and branches play so beautifully together on this are because they look artistically symmetrical. Color is not always required, but adding it will definitely make it stand out the most.

seductive hip tattoos 3

seductive hip tattoos 4

There are other tattoos that take a longer process and lots of thinking to be done. I’ve noticed that some people are opting for gothic styles with wolves, churches, and skulls. But there are also birds, fishes, and dragons that transmit a confident and strong personality. You can have a mix between gothic art and flowers figures. You can always go safe with the flowers and later on, add extensions depending o how you it suits your body.

seductive hip tattoos 5

Covering the thigh is a hip tattoo alternative as well. It gives room for creativity since you have a larger are to design from. When you are thinking about one of these ideas, picture yourself wearing a bikini, shorts, or a long slit dress. It you feel confident and able to handle the process, why shouldn't you get one?

seductive hip tattoos 6

It is worth mentioning that people find tattoos located in this area of the body, to be very sexy. You can choose from many styles and locations. Some people choose to have both hips done to give a symmetrical appearance to the design, but doing one side should look cute as well. Always think about how it would visually look onto your body and make sure you feel comfortable. There shouldn't be regret after getting done, just satisfaction. You can always ask a tattoo shop to outline it with removable ink for you first just so you can see it onto your body.

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