Illustrations Of How Thinking About You Takes Me To The Cosmos

November 7, 2017

|Andrea Mejía
shawna x artist

There are no words to describe what love feels like, but these images by Shawna X are an accurate depiction of the depth of those feelings.

People always say that when you think about or see the person you love, you get butterflies in your stomach. However, does this cliché saying actually describe the true feeling? I don’t think so. Seeing that person, and even more, holding their hand, kissing them, feeling their arms around you, isn’t just like feeling butterflies in your stomach. It's reaching the stars without leaving Earth, and feeling like the sun, the moon, and all the galaxies of the universe are in your reach for a brief moment. It's feeling the wholeness of the universe within yourself. The true dimensions of love and being loved can’t be enclosed in just a few words nor in the longest speech. And perhaps, that's the most divine quality: something so great, that we can only aspire to express a part of it.

shawna x artist 1 

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NYC-based artist Shawna X creates visual artworks that depict the mind-bending effects of love, using vibrant colors and shapes that evoke the actual sensation of falling in love. She blends human figures, lively and full of energy, with images that remind us of other universes, or outer space, and by doing so, she equates the cosmos's vastness with the powerful effect that love has on us. Each image captures the moment we feel Cupid’s arrow striking, an instant that, as common as it is, isn’t ordinary at all. It is the finite yet decisive second in which the spark is lit. However, these images are not just about that feeling. They are also about the potential to embrace the magic and depth that lies in each of us.

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shawna x artist 4

Behind each image, we can perceive a careful selection of colors and shades. When the artist wants to depict the magic within her characters, she goes for blues, greens, purples, and pinks that remind us of the sunset, a transitional state in the sky where all the colors and forces of the sky mix in harmony. On the other hand, when she wants to depict the intimacy of being with your partner, always recurring to the cosmos as a motif, she chooses dark tonalities that contrast with bright shades of pink, as if she wanted to remind us through these images that it's in the dark and the silence that the connection with that other person shines the most.

shawna x artist 5

shawna x artist 6


Shawna X isn’t afraid to use her motifs to explore the intimate side of love in an easygoing and cheerful way. Because, in the end, the profoundness of this emotion is sublime, but that doesn’t mean it should be formal or solemn. The connection created during intimacy isn’t something serious, but rather a moment to be enjoyed. In the end, behind the bond that’s formed between her characters, there’s also a playful seduction that entices the audience.

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If you want to check out more of her work, you can visit her website or her Instagram account. Just like she has been inspired by the power of emotions and love, there are other Instagram artists that know how to depict these feelings in their work. If you want to know more about them, don’t miss these:

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Andrea Mejía

Andrea Mejía

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