21 Sexy Designs To Make The Most Of A Shoulder Tattoo

Design 21 Sexy Designs To Make The Most Of A Shoulder Tattoo

Ramp up your sex appeal with a versatile shoulder tattoo.

There's something provocative about how the curve of a shoulder makes you notice someone's neck. Shoulder tattoos on women are more than just sexy, they are original and artistic. A seductive design can say a lot about the wearer, including confidence, determination, and conviction. Whatever the reason is, these images could inspire your next tat.


I personally find flower blossoms to be a great idea, but dream catchers and long-feathered birds look beautiful too. When it comes to shoulder tattoos, I think color is an important choice. The shoulder is a wide area where you can get large designs and, unless you leave certain parts untouched, I suggest adding a variety of colors. For example, flowers go well with a red or pink palette. Birds stand out with blues, greens, and even purples.


The first time I saw a shoulder tattoo was on a friend of mine. She had large violet orchid with smaller ones around it. I was surprised to find out her shoulder had so much ink. It looked very intriguing and it clearly drew the attention of others to her.


Luckily for us, artists are coming up for new ideas for this location of the body. I like when the tattoo goes above the shoulder, kind of touching the back a little. It adds mystery to a person, specially when sleeveless or tank tops are worn. I also think it is a good idea to have a shoulder tattoo extend all the way to the arm. Rose flowers are, I think, the best idea for this because the branches can be drawn all the way throughout the whole arm and shoulder.


Another alternative to the extension of this body design, is the chest. Shoulder tattoos can start with a small flower or design that extends all the way to the chest. I’ve noticed this idea works great with tree and flower branches. The advantage of getting a tattoo on the shoulder is its many forms of placement. For example, there is the front, which can extend to the chest. There is also the side and back, which can extend to the arm. And there's the top, which I love seeing running all the way through the back.


Shoulder tattoos are also a special way to remember someone who has left their mark in your life. Shoulders have an open and wide surface where drawings and pictures of people can look amazing. I think you can probably think of a relative or friend who decided to capture a special person in this area, it brings pride to the person who wears it.


Shoulder tattoos take more time to be made, sometimes you might be scheduled for more than one session, but I think it’s worth it. You can start with something small and eventually add more to it. You can even begin with a black and white flower and add colors later on.

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