9 Tattoos To Always Remember Where You Came From

9 Tattoos To Always Remember Where You Came From

Are you looking for a tattoo that symbolizes your origins? Get inspired by these designs and get your own amazing hometown tattoo.

It’s funny, but I do believe most of the times we take for granted the amazing places we call home. It's not until we find ourselves away from them, and then you hear the common phrase, “you don't know what you've got until you lose it.” Well, I’ve always been proud of who I am and my country, which is Mexico. Yes, it has it's flaws, but for me it's one of the richest countries in so many aspects: culture, history, art, landscapes, resources, and many other things. So, when I went to live abroad, I made sure to bring with me a little piece of my Mexico and even had a little shrine in my room. 

There’s something we know as the Jamaican syndrome, alluding to a soccer player in the sixties who wouldn’t perform well in international events because he missed Mexico so much and its food that he was very depressed. I always mocked people who showed signs of this syndrome until I felt it myself, not with that reach, but it certainly is something. So, instead of being depressed, I understood that I could have my country close to me by remembering all its great things, and a tattoo was one of the best ways to remember it wherever I went. So, here are some of the ideas that can inspire you to take your home with you.


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This is one of the most beautiful designs out there because you can play with many fonts and styles to make it your own. This type of tattoo is so subtle that, unless you tell people exactly where these coordinates refer to, no one will really know (unless you meet a geography and cartography expert who knows by hand all the coordinates). These are also meant to symbolize the compass that will guide you back home whenever you need it, so it’s actually a great and cute idea to honor your origins.


City Skyline

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This one is more obvious and quite alluring, if you ask me. All cities have their heart, and without a doubt, in our modern world buildings do embody it. So, why not getting your city’s skyline as a homage to the concrete jungle that's been an important part of your life.


Post Stamp

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Another idea that also applies to those who love traveling is getting a post stamp of your hometown. This is also perfect if you like that vintage vibe of post stamps in our technology-driven world. 


National Symbols

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This one is my favorite and the one I ended up getting. Every country and city has its own symbol that is replicated basically everywhere (especially if it’s a touristic spot). I not only got a symbol representing my country, which is the dahlia, I also got the main symbols of the places I lived when I was studying abroad, which are the thistle of Scotland and the shell of Santiago de Compostela. You can also get a nice minimalist composition of those places you can call home. 


Local Art

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If you’re a more discreet person who privileges subtlety, you could go for a more abstract representation of your cultural heritage by getting a tattoo of your favorite artist or an important masterpiece. In my country's case, there are so many gorgeous tattoos of Frida Kahlo, and fortunately, art is so wide that you’ll definitely find a gorgeous design honoring your local artists. 



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This isn’t subtle at all but with a good design, it can actually get to be a really alluring tattoo on your city’s map. I’ve always found maps so fascinating and really beautiful, and you can choose how much or less detail you want in your tattoo. If you want a less intricate map, you can go for the main roads of your city or only those places that have marked you as a person, giving it a deeper meaning. 



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Like the previous one, this is probably one of the most obvious designs, but that doesn’t mean you it can't be beautiful. You can start by choosing your favorite font and adorn it with symbols or another type of art that best represents you. 



9 Tattoos To Always Remember Where You Came From 8

I was a bit dubious with this one, because they can be so showy and at the same time really obvious tattoos. I honestly prefer smaller and simpler designs. However, I realized these places have become important landmarks because of their historical relevance and their visual allure that makes them recognizable. So, if you love those places that highlight your city, go for them!


Cultural Icons

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Finally, I decided to add this one; even when it could be included in the range of national symbols, I find them a bit different. For me, national symbols are those that have been selected historically to represent a city or a country, whereas cultural icons are those selected by people and their culture. In other words, these are not official icons, but cultural representations of a country or city, and thus they can be much more meaningful for you.


I think I was extremely fortunate to have been given the opportunity to travel abroad and encounter a completely different perspective on life and culture, and for that reason, this experience brought me even closer to the place I came from and my roots. As a person who likes getting tattoos that represent those milestones in my life, being able to devote one to honor this cultural heritage was really important for me, and I bet that if you’re here it’s because you feel the same. 


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