17 Spine Tattoo Designs That Will Chill You To The Bone

The spinal cord is seen as the core of our being. Why not get a tattoo that makes the most of this esthetic and meaningful body part?

According to Hinduism and Buddhism, our body possesses a set of energy centers call chakras, all of which are located along the spinal cord all the way to the crown of the head. These beliefs consider this part of the body the core of the chakras because it is one of the first parts that an embryo develops while in the womb. Therefore, the spine is seen as the foundation of our existence and our being. At an anatomical level, this thought isn’t too far-fetched. Indeed, the spinal cord sustains us, it's the axis that joins our body parts and supports our skull, which also contains the brain, the center of our thoughts and emotions. The proportions, the purpose, and the significance of the spine allow it to become a meaningful canvas for your next tattoo, especially if you like esthetic designs that also possess deep implications.

The spine tattoo allows you to get a longer design, either colorful or monochromatic. However, the closeness of the skin to the bone makes it an area where minimalist designs will stand out the most. To do so, choose a design that will make the most of this significant part of our body. Also, you can look for a unique design and add a text or long lines, especially because this zone allows you to extend the image and go all over the primal center of your being.

For example, you can allude to the ancient meaning of the spine and get a tattoo of a lotus flower, which represents each chakra, depending on the number of petals it has. But if you want that lotus flower to represent the path to enlightenment and expand all over your back, you can mix that design with an Unalome symbol, which is a visual depiction of the path we all go through before reaching a pure state of consciousness. However, the lotus flower isn’t the only one that can stand out on your spine. A rose, a tulip, or even a whole tree can be an elegant way to adorn your back and also convey the growth and flourishing you’ve lived throughout your life because, while the spine represents the core of your being, it can also become a subtle example of your growth, both in a literal and a metaphorical sense.

This part is versatile, so you don’t have to go just with flowers or plants to get a classy and meaningful tattoo. A compass, the cycles of the moon, or a verse that appeals to you, written in an elegant font, can also go along the spine to enhance its shape and carry a reminder of a message that speaks to you on a personal or perhaps spiritual level. Don’t be afraid to unleash your imagination. Perhaps you can even come up with even more beautiful ways to personalize these designs that adorn your back.

And speaking about adorning, maybe you’re not too into spiritual stuff, but you truly want to exploit the esthetic potential of a spine tattoo. Well, the key, as in the previous examples, is to choose a design that will look good on this part of your body, especially if you take into account that the closeness to the bone might make it painful in some sections, so most likely you won’t want a very elaborate design. Instead, monochromatic patterns of dots and lines can play with the curves of your back. So, don’t be shy about the designs, but let them shine on their own.

The spine is the center of your body, and it offers the best canvas for beautiful and unique designs. As you look at all the options out there, think about the potential your next ink might have. Just like with any other tattoo, if you want to go for these tats, go to an artist that specializes on them, since they’ll know how to make the most of both the design and your body.


Cover image by @minervaslinda