Heart Tattoos For Those Whove Known The 3 Stages Of Love

The different stages of love portrayed in beautiful tattoos.

We all want to be loved. It’s one of humanity’s most beautiful and fulfilling achievements, as it surpasses the limitations of life and death. We all look for the bliss of holding someone’s heart in our hands and the reciprocity of giving ours to them, trusting with eyes wide shut and soul wide open, being happy for them and with them, building a story together, and encouraging each other into developing the best version of ourselves.

Magical, right? This feeling, when experienced, is even better than any fairy tale we have heard of or any chick flick that Hollywood can possibly imagine. But sure, love is not just the unexplained happiness and butterflies in our stomach. It’s also about caring and committing to someone for real. Relying on the fact that the feeling itself will be enough is often the reason why relationships don’t last, because we sometimes do think that will be enough. This is why, maybe even more than once, we have been through the different stages of love.

More often than we think, love is the reason behind the most mysterious and beautiful ink on someone’s skin. They tell a story or remind us of someone. It doesn't necessarily mean that we couldn't get over that special person (although that does happen), but that a particular piece of history helped us understand better our place in life and what we want from it. These designs show a very vulnerable and real side of ourselves. If you’re looking for ideas that can describe what you’re going through on a romantic level, this is more or less how the stages of love could be appreciated through tattoos:

Falling in Love

Eyes turn into little red hearts, and the sensation of flying is inevitable. Suddenly, passion becomes everything. We feel like we need this person on a higher level, and start to wonder how on earth did we manage to be without them before. We crave, we want to know everything about them, spend time with them as much as we can. Our brain becomes a corny cocktail of hormones and chemical reactions that make us feel like we’re in heaven.

Building a Relationship

Here’s where the thing gets interesting. After some dates, we decide to become an “official” couple. We start building real plans together, and work ourselves through struggles and hard times. Disagreements put our love to the test, but we pass them all successfully. If our significant other does something we are not comfortable with, we let it slide, and they do the same for us because there is nothing for important than working things out together.

Committing for real or bidding farewell

Once the googly eyes are gone, it’s time to decide. We have to ask ourselves if this relationship is going to make us a better person, and if we are both after the same things (in academic, professional, and romantic levels). This is the most difficult part of love, and also the most enlightening. Whether we end up with our loved one or not, to be successful in this matter is to be honest? Is this what we really want? Do we feel like spending our time with this person, through the good and the bad? Can we inspire each other in our individual goals?

Sometimes, the answer to these questions isn't what we want them to be, but we don’t have to be sad about it. Because someday, somehow, the person with the right answers will arrive. And when they do, it all makes sense, your questions and theirs, your love and theirs.

At the end of the day, it’s better to have loved and lost (than never to have loved at all, right?), because we get to learn about relationships and build better ones in the future. When we're with someone, we get to know who we are, what we enjoy, and what we can’t stand. Overall, we realize what we want from love. And in addition to these important lessons, if we also get to ink ourselves as a reminder of what we had lived, experiences grow in value and, well, that means more tattoos on our skin… Yay!

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