Cosmic Tattoos That Will Take You To The Limits Of Space

We dont always have time to go outside in the middle of the night to look at the stars. Luckily, some artists take those stars, planets, and orbits to peoples skin.

We learn through repetition. Habits and patterns keep us from forgetting the knowledge and lessons we've accumulated over the years. The world helps us with that. Popular movies glorify goodness and justice. Commercials show the benefits of wealth and beauty, and our daily lives convince us that we have to work hard to get what we want. Earthly wisdom is everywhere if we keep our eyes open, but there's a lot that we don't find around us to remind us of the essential things. That's why a lot of people use tattoos, abstract, as well as symbolic concepts that get lost in the rush of adulthood and responsibilities, as reminders of the most important things for them.


We don't always have time to go outside in the middle of the night to look at the stars, to astound ourselves with the vastness of space. It's healthy to think about our smallness on a daily basis. It's good to remember how lucky we are as humans living right in the perfect spot: close enough to the sun so that we are warm, yet far enough so that we don't burn. Luckily, some artists take those stars, planets, and orbits to people's skin, and these incredible tattoos may inspire you to do the same.

When we're feeling overwhelmed by life, a good thing to do is to zoom out, take a step back, and find perspective. The essence of it might sound like a cliché: we're all going to die, everything is fleeting, and what is worrying us at the moment will fade sooner than later. It's cheesy but it's a fact and a good meditation technique. A beautiful tattoo of a planet or a star will remind you of the grand scheme of things and help you relax when you need it most.

These images of space are appealing for the most spiritual of us, as well as for the most scientific. To think about our bodies and minds as different sets of atoms floating through space can inspire the awe of a rational mind that admires the intellectual effort of humanity, and simultaneously stimulate the spirit of mystical people that believe in the small and incredible ways in which everyone and everything is connected.

You can be fascinated by maths or physics. You can be brought to tears by the feeling of unity with your peers. You might also be interested in both experiences at the same time. Regardless of your tendencies and tastes, these tattoos can bring strangers together to talk about the wonders of the universe and other topics we rarely discuss. Intoxicated or not, we all want to make connections with like-minded people, and these tattoos can help.

Everything we see, hear, and touch has the capability of changing our thoughts and our mood. What deserves most of our time and attention? What ideas do we give power? Crappy TV shows and gossip? There's nothing wrong with that. But there's a reason we like to surround ourselves with beautiful, peaceful things: they're good for us. And if we love to take care of ourselves, we'll frequently do the same with our bodies and give the same to our senses. There's already plenty of garbage –literal and metaphorical– in the world. So let these images remind you that there needs to be more space for that which makes us pause and look at life with wonder again.


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