13 Tattoos That Show Your Life Goals Are Growth And Change

February 16, 2018

|Andrea Mejía
strength and growth tattoos

A blooming flower or a steady tree can be great reminders of the process you must go through to become a stronger person.

If you’d were to talk to your younger self, what would you say? That’s a question many of us must have asked to ourselves at some point, right? Most likely you’d tell yourself a lesson you’ve learned out of experience, challenges you’ve lived through certain moments in your life, ways to enjoy certain episodes of your life to the most, and letting go of useless burdens that made life more difficult for you. However, what we tend to forget is that only through experience, by making mistakes over and over again, can we become better and wiser than our younger selves. Only when you embrace the value of those mistakes can you truly grow, but that’s something we tend to forget. But you can always resort to the always trusty and powerful message of a good tattoo, because that is a reminder that will prevail, no matter the passing of time.

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If you want a reminder of your inner growth, it’s important to search for an accurate symbol that encompasses the path of your life. Since now we’re talking about growth, why not take a look at flowers and plants? These are not only esthetically appealing, but are one of the best examples of flourishing and perpetual growing in real life. From the moment a seed germinates to the never-ending cycles of losing the leaves in winter and recovering them in spring, the growth of a plant or a flower, and their constant struggle and overcoming of the hardships they endure day by day.

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One of the best ways to convey that is through a blooming flower. You can choose the one you prefer, but the key to represent the growth you want to keep achieving in your life is by showing step by step how it goes from a bud or a sprout to a fully open and beautiful rose, for instance. I particularly mention this flower because its blooming is visually pleasing an possesses a meaningful symbolism. For example, in the Renaissance it was seen as a symbol of rebirth and love. In the Tarot its presence represents hope and the promise of new beginnings in the near future. However, if you want to show your versatility and your embrace of changes, you can get equally meaningful flowers such as cherry blossoms (embodiments of living in the moment) or dandelions, which symbolize resilience and adaptability to changes because, as you might have noticed, these flowers can practically grow anywhere and go through different facets before blooming in their brightest yellow.

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If flowers, however, don’t call you, what about trees? I do believe these are the symbol of growth par excellence. Before that huge tree you admire became such, it had to go through years of obstacles: storms, weather changes, even the presence of humanity. Its versatility and strength ends up turning it into a shelter and an embodiment of non-stop development. The best designs to represent that are those that include the whole image of the tree, from its roots to its leafy crown. Each part will remind you that progress, despite being slow, gives its fruits and never ends, making life a big adventure.

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These are just a few symbols to represent the growth we all go through in our lives. The best part about getting any of these designs on your skin is that even in the darkest moments, when you believe you’re stuck or unable to progress, you’ll remember that, maybe, you’re just in that moment of waiting before blooming. Moreover, it’ll be a way of connecting with your past you and telling them, “you’ve overcome challenges in the past. Why won’t you do the same now?”

Andrea Mejía

Andrea Mejía

Staff editor