Tarot Cards To Inspire Your Next Tattoo And Fill Your Life With Magic

Even if you don't know how to read them, Tarot Cards will always find a way to speak to you. That's why these cards have been and still are subject of philosophical, sociological, psychological, pictorial, or photographic analysis. Of course there are some people out there who believe that Tarot cards can foretell your destiny, but you must not forget its interpretation requires creativity. Just a single card can give many different meanings depending on its position and form.

 Italian art critic Omar Calabrese, who specializes in semiology, believes one can find different narratives and stories within one single object. This is why many artists, designers, and creatives have come up with their own version of the Tarot cards. One outstanding example is Italian artist Osvaldo Menegazzi, who explores the boundaries of language and meaning by changing the common pictorial figures that appear in classical Tarot cards.

Menegazzi, who is based in Milan, has designed Tarot decks with different original styles for many years. His purpose is to aesthetically and conceptually innovate the Milanese card deck that the world has known since the fifteenth century. He has a wide array of styles under his sleeve. His designs can be dark, sarcastic, or simply funny, but each one is unique. That's why they can be the perfect inspiration for your next tattoo.


Come to think about, the images still keep their original meaning, but at the same time, they create new perspectives. That's what we want you to do with your tattoos: to look at them to wonder and reflect upon their meaning. Hopefully, you'll experience the same aesthetic delight of broadening your path and opening yourself to new channels of communication through these tarot images. As you connect with these drawings and watercolors, let's see what the cards say about you...

For example…

If you choose "The Star," you can either base your interpretation on its common meaning: hope, eternal life, inner light, consciousness, dreams, or else, you can just enjoy looking at the colors and pastel tones of Menegazzi's version.


"Death" can convey both negative and positive messages. Symbolically speaking, death usually means the end of something, but also the start of something new. If you want to transform your life or make a major change, this symbol will inspire you.

"The Sun" is another important symbol. It is the nineteenth card of the major arcana. It represents life and hard work, and it directs all our feelings and thoughts towards our ultimate goals.


"The Lovers" is one of the most beautiful Tarot cards. It symbolizes the challenges and sacrifices two people must face in order to make their relationship work. It also represents fidelity, intimacy, and understanding.

"The Fool" is a character that is never still. This symbol makes you want to seek adventures and fun in everything little thing you do. It also challenges us to try new things and never give up on our dreams.

This witty version of "The Devil" is perfect to show your cunning cleverness. Menegazzi's use of a shoe was clearly intended to make us reflect about vanity. This major arcana encourages you to surrender to the pleasures of life. 


This version of "The Hanged Man" was made with a very different and interesting perspective. This card makes you aware of how you own fears and inhibitions keep you static. If you remain still for too long then life begins to drain away, but always remember that moments of stillness can help you find the tools you need to move forward. 

This is "The Judgment" card. It represents renewal, relief, new experiences, and freedom. Meganazzi conveys these meanings through a blooming  pear tree. 


The artist's decks are quite famous on the Internet and among cat lovers. A very peculiar design from this collection is "Strength." It symbolizes will, mastery of your own self, seductive power, and determination.

"The Tower" is a card that tests the foundations of your life and reminds you to take responsibility of your actions.



Menegazzi has a wide and exceptional collection of cards and designs. The symbols of the Tarot make you stop and think about your life and the small changes you can implement for the better. Below you'll find a video in case you want to see more of this artist's designs . Be sure to take your time to decide which version or symbol suits you best!

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Translated by Andrea Valle Gracia

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