Tattoos That Prove They’re The Best Accessory A Girl Can Have

Tattoos That Prove They’re The Best Accessory A Girl Can Have

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By: Diego Cera

January 25, 2017

Design Tattoos That Prove They’re The Best Accessory A Girl Can Have
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By: Diego Cera

January 25, 2017

To achieve great style, one must explore all the possibilities that can lead to it. It’s not about having expensive items and luxurious accessories. We tend to forget that our bodies can also be part of our outfit; in fact, they can make a statement like no brand or clothing can do.

At times a great haircut or hairdo can be the key to making an entrance. What matters is how we make the most of our physical qualities, even turning what we consider to be flaws into unique traits that can make whatever we’re wearing look like a million bucks.

tattoo accesory lettering

If our body is enough to make any outfit look good, it’s only fair to decorate our silhouette, so it will look great on its own. One way of doing this is with tattoos. It’s true that many are curious yet afraid of having their skin submitted to needles because of the social judgment they might endure, or simply due to the pain these may cause. Yet the results that can come from taking a chance can be spectacular.

A tattooed person can be a beacon of sensuality if they choose the right kind of decoration for their skin. Most tattoo artists are truly great at their craft; their works are loved and revered by many, whether it’s for their technique or style.

tattoo accesory collarbone stars

Every tattoo must have a pretty interesting story to tell about the one who carries it. This doesn't mean it needs to cover the entire back or be an entire sleeve to prove its beauty or meaning. Placement, color selection, and the right design can make even the tiniest tattoo look like an innate accessory.

tattoo accesory collarbone feather

Many girls are currently going for tattoos placed on the clavicle area. These collarbone tattoos can go from the simplest of drawings made from line art to even incredible floral arrangements.

tattoo accesory collarbone

The extension of these tattoos varies according to each person’s choice. They can only exist on the collarbone or they can extend over to the shoulders or the middle of the chest. Some even choose to get them to cover from shoulder to shoulder.  

tattoo accesory collarbone roses

The wrist area is not just for watches and bracelets. It’s also the perfect place to get a tattoo that can be carried in a unique way.

tattoo accesory ankle bracelet

It might be a small discreet design or even an ink bracelet.

tattoo accesory bracelet wrist

The ankles can also be a great option for a tattoo that can stand out with your sandals or flats.

tattoo accesory ankle tat

A tattoo lasts for a lifetime, so go for a design and placement that you truly love.

tattoo accesory ankle tat anchor

Many of these body art styles will remind you of an important moment in your life. They’re without a doubt the best way to preserve a memorable instance, while also becoming the best accessory that will stay with you always.  

Here are some more ideas for your body art, whether it's a classy looking arm tattoo or a symbol of a moment of heartbreak

Translated by María Suárez