Lisa Orths Linework Landscape And Nature Tattoos To Celebrate Your Untameable Spirit

Theres nothing like having a great tattoo that reflects your own interests and personality. But sometimes what you really need is a reminder to free yourself and really enjoy life.

As a huge fan of mythology, I’ve always been fascinated by how all these stories, no matter the culture, help us understand the world around these people. Yes, I know, a god transforming into any creature just to sleep with tons of women and men isn’t as logical as it may sound. But think about it: every creation myth is a way of explaining even the simplest detail about the world we’re living. Also, the many gods and creatures that regulate the weather or any other natural phenomenon reflect how primeval societies weren't aware of scientific processes. Being in their place, it’s quite logical to think that there was something or someone controlling each of these phenomena.

But let’s not focus on the reasoning behind these stories but on the stories itself. Basically, every single culture and civilization throughout the world and history has come up with similar creatures to understand nature and the vastness of the land. For instance, Slavic towns settled in what is now Russia thought the territories were endless. This was so overwhelming that they were astounded by the dangerous yet breathtaking landscapes and fauna they encountered. The inclemencies of the weather were such that they started founding their belief system in little creatures seen as spiritual masters or “little tsars” who controlled this rich and untamed land.

As the spiritual embodiments of nature, these ethereal and omnipresent creatures ruled everything the earth had to offer, and for that reason, people had to honor them to prevent them from provoking any natural disaster that could affect them. Extremely whimsical and powerful, they had something human beings longed for and envied: ultimate freedom to live and do whatever they wanted. Who doesn’t want that? We know we’re not entirely free to do whatever we want. There are certain social norms and other factors that hold us back, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let your soul run free from time to time. Perhaps a great reminder of that would be a tattoo that symbolizes the energy you're withholding inside, and we have the best choice for that.

Artist Lisa Orth has had a prolific career, not only in tattooing, but in graphic design and fine arts. Her unique and breathtaking tattoos, which resemble engravings, will definitely transport you to this mythical, folktale realm of wide landscapes full of beauty and freedom. While she's based in LA, she is tattooing in San Francisco. However, getting an appointment with Orth isn’t as easy as we’d love to. Did I mention that she is the artist who created the Nirvana logo? Well, now you can see why she’s not a regular tattoo artist you could visit on a burst of spontaneity. However, I do believe her designs are absolutely worth it.

She always works with black linework and in some rare cases, she’ll add a hint of color to very specific designs. Her themes are always related to nature and the vastness we sometimes take for granted, including, of course, the mythical aspect behind all this greatness.

Having one of her unique designs might take some time, but if you’ve managed to book an appointment, you’ll have a full artistic experience from the moment she takes your ideas and starts adapting them to create a unique design you feel identified with. If you’re interested in getting one of these amazing tattoos, you should keep an eye on her official Instagram account or her website, since she only opens for some days per year:


Lisa Orth


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