What Your Tattoo Font Says About You

What Your Tattoo Font Says About You

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By: Olympia Villagrán

May 5, 2017

Design What Your Tattoo Font Says About You
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By: Olympia Villagrán

May 5, 2017

Only 1% of the world's population holds most of the planet's wealth in their hands. It's the same percentage that some years ago used ridiculously expensive suits with custom-made ties. Since its invention in the 1600s, the tie has been a social class symbol and, thus, a separatist instrument. For example, during the French Revolution, men would wear black ties to support the movement, while those against it would show their rejection with a white one.

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Nowadays, most millennials have stopped wearing them to defy social norms. If they do wear one, it's probably because they're using it as a statement piece that adds a defiant originality to their outfits, not as a symbol of status. Fashion, then, has become a language used by this controversial generation to express their preferences, trends, choices, and how they want to look, not to mention that it has become a central component of their personality.

Every generation has been marked by historic events, experiences, situations, social norms, and revolutions that are reflected in their architecture, fashion, art, and lifestyle. Tattoos, for instance, have been part of many cultures since ancient times, but with the passing of time, their meaning has changed. 
Today, they have become an esthetic way to express our individuality, our tastes, or our personality. They've also become a fashion statement among this generation, and trends like minimalism, geometry, or watercolor have become stamps of millennials. Tattooing a phrase is one of the most popular ways to express a person's innermost feelings and ideals on their skin. So, we shouldn't take for granted the font someone chooses to engrave such an important message.  

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It's important to mention that there are two ways to analyze and perceive any given font. On the one hand, macro typography is related to the composition, distribution, and organization of the elements that form a word or phrase. In other words, it studies the separation, inclination, and position between the letters. On the other hand, micro typography analyzes the details, shape, length, width of the lines, and punctuation.  These are some of most popular fonts they say about the person carrying them on their skin. 



This font is related to classism, formality, and religiosity, but it also transmits delicacy, conservatism, and refinement. The base of the letters, known as "serif," defines its antiquity and, therefore, its range of importance. Roman fonts are generally chosen by people who like to control their lives. More importantly, it shows a person's wish to stand out in a personal and professional level.

tattoo fonts meaning roman


This style conveys strength, forcefulness, and precision. These fonts maintain the same width and that's why they're mostly chosen by people who try to balance every aspect of their life. 

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Sans serif

These fonts have no extension on the bottom. They reflect modernity, strength, and vitality; that's why this style is mostly used by younger generations. The width of these letters is consistent and its readability, even with tiny letters, is what attracts friendly, active, and rebellious people.

tattoo fonts meaning sans serif


This type has many varieties that bestow personality. However, sometimes they can lack readability. They can be classified in many types:

Calligraphic: reflects elegance, refinement, frailty, delicacy, and a cautious personality.

Scripts: related to spontaneity, youth, and rebelliousness. It's mainly used by original and cheerful people.

Gothic: it's antique vibe and esthetic denotes cruelty and darkness. It's chosen by those who prefer solitude and consider themselves hermetic persons.

Decorative: this is a transgressive, bold, and original font. That's why it's used by those who don't like following rules and stereotypes. These are people who don't care if they're judged by others.

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Each font conveys a particular meaning. Whether it's related to its lines, curves, width, or readability, they evoke an emotion, share a story, and demonstrate a part of someone's personality. All fonts have specific features that are as unique as each person. So, even without knowing it, when we choose a particular font for our tattoo, we're choosing the best way to represent ourselves. 


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Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards