Tattoo ideas you should avoid because of the bad omen they carry

From nordic symbols to birds, these are some tattoos you should avoid at all costs.

Whether it is your first tattoo or not, the experience of getting them is so exciting. People say that once you get your first one, it almost becomes an addiction and you will find yourself thinking constantly about what tattoo you´ll be getting next; which is probably very true for most of us. 

There are so many cool designs you can get or even create your own special one that will ideally stay on your skin forever. But no matter how cool some tattoo ideas may look, in this ink world, there are also some rules and superstitions that you should avoid if you don't want a lifetime mark that brings bad luck into your life. 


It can be said that only the brave ones dare to get these types of tattoos; and so that you don't say we didn't warn you, here are 5 controversial tattoo ideas that are said to bring bad luck to the people who have them. 

Valknut symbol

This rune comes from Norse mythology and it is associated with Odin, the god for war and death. Supposedly, having this geometrical mark is like pledging yourself to him and his deadly attributes; so even though it looks pretty cool, it is not a good symbol to test luck with. 



Basically, if you want to get a dragon tattooed, you should be aware that by doing so you´ll be calling for this big guardian soul to protect you, and therefore, you should take the tattoo process with the seriousness that it deserves. 

The tattooist should save the dragon's eyes for last because those are known as the doors to the soul and if she/he does them since the very beginning, the soul will then enter the inking and endure all the pain inflicted during the tattoo process



In certain countries, these birds are considered symbols of bad luck associated with death and theft. They are usually pictured under a negative connotation because you could commonly see them around hospitals or battlegrounds in the old days and their squawk is not that joyful to hear. 

Certain flowers

Flowers look so beautiful no matter how you decide to have them, but not every single one has good meaning behind it. 


Some are better to avoid like cotton plants which are believed to bring bad luck and poverty into your life; babul plants with their flowers which are said to attract disputes inside your home; or any white flower which in some cultures are related to death itself. 

Couple tattoos

The golden rule for getting a tattoo - NEVER get a tattoo that relates to your significant other. Either their name, eyes, body, love promise… getting a tattoo whose meaning comes from your significant other is like a total decree for the relationship to fail, so why risk it all with just a bunch of ink? There are so many ways in which you can show your absolute love to that person without getting a permanent mark on yourself. 


Photos from Pexels

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