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Delicate Colorful Tattoos That Adapt To Your Natural Curves

Por: María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards 25 de septiembre de 2017

Are you looking for great designs for your next tattoo? Well, I guess that if you’re here, you probably are. However, there are some things to bear in mind before rushing to the studio. More than just a trend, in my case, tattoos became a sort of addiction. We're not only addicted to the sound and feel of the needle on our skin. We see so many amazing designs that we wish we could cover our bodies with these beautiful pieces of art.

One of my aunts once told me about her friend who got a garter tattoo on her leg. She said it looked amazingly beautiful, but she joked about how it would look in some years. Somehow, this anecdote got stuck in my mind, and since then I’ve tried to be so careful with the areas where I place my ink. It would seem kind of obvious, but even if you bear that in mind, it can be quite easy to forget the advice when choosing the appropriate spot for each specific design. We must consider not only the passing of time and how both the skin and the tattoo deteriorate naturally, but also the region's natural movement.

The most common places where people often get their tats are the back and the arms. In the first case, it’s easy to get almost any design, since it’s basically one of the flattest surfaces of the body, but when it comes to the arms, the story is quite different. It’s one of the extremities we move the most, and as such, the skin responds to the movement of the muscles in a more evident way. Just take a look at your arm while doing even the slightest movement. If you just get any design on them, it will get easily distorted with the movement. That’s why in areas like the arms, it’s advisable to get tattoos that adapt to these movements.

The images you’ve been seeing are the artworks of South Korean tattoo artist Banul. Her delicate yet powerful designs can be the best choice if you want that perfect tattoo adorning the natural movements of your body. Her themes are wide, but she has a signature style that makes her works unique.You can get one of her many butterflies, flowers, or even quotes. Once she pours her creativity and artistic vision onto the design, her own fantastical and magical realm comes to life.

Her designs are a mixture between minimalist style, in terms of the simplicity of her strokes and the delicacy of each detail, and an interesting explosion of color that adds life to these perfectly crafted tattoos. This is the ideal mixture if you want a discrete design expressing your personality and adapting to your body's movement. The darkest strokes are so delicate and slim that they add an ethereal vibe to each design. Each tattoo molds itself to your natural movement, so they're a great choice for basically any part of your body.

For more of Banul's romantic and delicate designs, take a look at her Instagram account: @tattooist_banul


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