5 Tattoo Designs That Will Remind You To Never Let Go Of Your Inner Strength

Whenever life brings you down, these tattoos and the ideas behind them could help you get up again.

There's no such thing as a perfect childhood. There's no way to have impeccable teenage years. Growing up, in its essence, is a messy experience. Some people believe it has to be that way. That it's impossible to grow without mistakes, missteps, and other kinds of failure. But let's say that the first two decades of your life were nearly perfect, or that you forgot about all the imperfections. In that case, you're entering adulthood as a positive, hopeful, and, perhaps, naive person. You should enjoy and appreciate that period because it will last a couple of minutes if we're being generous. Life will punch you in the face, literally and metaphorically. That pessimistic certainty shouldn't make you any less willing to live your life to the fullest. On the contrary, it should remind you that you'll need help to overcome any situation. When life brings you down, and it will, these tattoos and the ideas behind them could help you get up again.

1. Unalomé


This Buddhist symbol represents the path to Enlightenment from the beginning of your conscious life through all of life's ups and downs. You don't have to be a religious person to be inspired by this concept, and you don't have to interpret it in a way that's too solemn or mystical. It's a simple reminder of the fact that good and bad will happen to you, and each of them will teach you something that you may use the next time you encounter a similar situation. Getting this tattoo will serve as a constant reminder that the problem you're facing now can be a way to learn how to step up your game.

2. Vegvísir

The Vegvísir is an Icelandic symbol with an uncertain meaning and origin. It's a bit of a mystery, but the few known descriptions say it's an emblem that helps its carrier find the right path when exploring a new territory. The great thing about mysteries is the fact that you can adhere whatever meaning you want to them. Getting this tattoo will give you the confidence to get lost, discover new lands, and leave behind whatever weighs you down.

3. Flower of Life

The Flower of Life sounds like a vague mystical concept, but it presents an incredible idea: that you can visually represent every single thing that has happened, is happening, and will happen in this universe. It's a beautiful idea to carry with you all the time, and it can help you remember that despite your apparent insignificance, you are part of a magnificent web.

4. Sri Yantra

The Sri Yantra, like the Flower of Life, is another representation of the cosmos. It's thought to be a mystical mechanism that serves as a guide for the highest meditative states. Just by looking at it, you'll enter into a sort of contemplative state that will give you peace when you need it the most.

5. Metatron’s Cube

This symbol is said to provoke the Kundalini experience, a transcendental state that opens all of your chakras (centers of energy in your body) and gives you profound spiritual visions. However, if you don't want to go into deeper stuff, you can just get it because it looks cool. It's simpler than it sounds: we all need something to bring us to the present moment and appreciate what's in front of us. This tattoo can do that for you.


You don't have to be a mystic, an expert, or a person that dedicates their life to a spiritual discipline to benefit from these ideas. Embrace the beauty of these designs and take advantage of all the resources you have to feel a little more inspired than yesterday.

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