15 Tattoo Designs That Will Make You Find The Beauty In Your Imperfect Skin

How about some flowers or a meaningful quote?

Some people look for a cool tattoo design that can represent something dear to them, while others just want to show off an awesome design that goes well with their personality. However, not everyone chooses to get a tattoo based on this idea. Some people use this artistic technique to cover up scars, marks, and other skin conditions that they don't feel comfortable with. Skin “imperfections,” usually caused by weight gain, surgeries, or accidents, are some of the many irreversible marks that men and women don't like having. It brings them shame and embarrassment when other people see them because they feel like they’re being judged, but they shouldn't feel like this because marks are reminders of challenges and struggles they've overcome.

Regardless of that, covering a scar with a tattoo, or simply making it part of your design, doesn’t sound like a bad idea. On the contrary, if you’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo and you have a scar, why not incorporate both in a new design? Especially when it adds style, color, and an artistic element to your appearance. The following set of designs can actually inspire you to get a creative tattoo by rethinking your insecurities and turning them into something unique and creative.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to designing a tattoo to cover a mark. In fact, the mark determines the design since the tattoo’s purpose is not only to hide the mark, but also to reinvent its image and meaning. When we use a tattoo to transform a mark, we are changing its representation; it goes from something we hide to something we now wish to show off –ironic, right? In a way, a tattoo like this is a great way to overcome your insecurities, since you no longer have to feel ashamed of your bodies’ “imperfections” – although we already mentioned that there shouldn’t be an ideal beauty standard imposed on our bodies. But if covering these marks makes you feel more comfortable, then do it in style.

While a mark can make some people feel ashamed, it can also symbolize your strength and confidence. And so, people can opt to highlight a scar with artwork that celebrates its meaning and reminds them of the time when their skin was scarred forever. These marks can vary and you can style them depending on their shape. For example, the scar left by a c-section is a reminder of an important episode in many women's lives and they often decorate this horizontal scar with joyful symbols. On the other hand, stretch marks, which are harder to cover since they are a series of many inner marks that are visible in patterns, are caused by rapid weight gain and bigger tattoos with wider illustrations are required to cover them. I also wanted to mention those marks and scars on people’s bodies that have to do with difficult episodes of their lives when they thought living wasn’t an option for them anymore, and now they serve them as reminders of the importance of loving themselves and appreciating their lives.

Whatever images or symbols you choose to stylize your scars with, it’s a personal decision you must make, but I would suggest putting some thought into it and taking something from your life, maybe that one episode that marked your body, and using it to make your tattoo’s meaning stronger. Tattoos are illustrations that help us remember important things in our lives. I personally like the scar tattoos with flower branches and small phrases that say a little but mean a lot.

Scars are the consequence of many things, and many people suffer from the insecurities of having them. They feel ashamed when they wear a bathing suit or any other piece of clothing that reveals their marks. Although marks shouldn’t be something to feel embarrassed about, putting a tattoo on them is a great way to lift someone’s confidence and spirit. Other marks, like the c-section one, are almost inevitable to avoid, and for this reason, no one should feel the right to judge those with them. Luckily, these images show us that we don’t have to hide our bodies forever because we can reinvent them into our new tattoo design that speaks of our accomplishments and gives our persona a newer and more confident look.


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