The Artist Who Will Disturb You Through Mutant Animations

The Artist Who Will Disturb You Through Mutant Animations

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By: Rodrigo Ayala

April 5, 2017

Design The Artist Who Will Disturb You Through Mutant Animations
Avatar of Rodrigo Ayala

By: Rodrigo Ayala

April 5, 2017

You open your eyes, and suddenly, you spot an alien figure hovering over you.

How the hell did that abnormal and repulsive being with yellow, wrinkled skin come into your room? "How much acid did I take?" You ask yourself, "but wait, it can't be, it's Monday night." Where did these hallucinations come from?
Granted, you only had a couple of beers, maybe a cig or two, but that strange creature is still floating in the middle of your room and won't budge. Its movements disturb you. There it is, staring at you, breathing heavily and all you can hear is its erratic panting. Or is it you, who is choking in fear?

This is
 psychedelia in the flesh. It has no eyes, but still, it continues to stare at you. All its dimensions terrify you and there you remain, in bed, petrified. 

Hayden Zezula mutant animations yellow

You try to clear your thoughts.  Is this real or just a dream? You can hear your heartbeat and feel your face dripping with cold sweat. That thing continues to stare and gray bubbles begin to burst from its head. Its cells are popping and the splatter covers the walls and begins to devour the furniture. Its sinuous body grabs hold of your bed, and to your horror it begins to gently cover your body, oh so gently. There is no way out
Don't bother screaming. 
Its tendrils are wrapped around your mouth and all you can do is mumble in useless panic. 

Hayden Zezula mutant animations flowers

These animated designs are inspired by natural microscopic organisms, like cells and bacteria. The most shocking thing is the realistic way in which these creatures come to life: they breathe, they move and stay still, as if they're waiting for something to emerge from their insides. The digital universe has given life to these new terrifying depictions of the microcosmos. Hayden Zezula, the creative mind behind these beings, has found a habitat for them behind a computer screen.

Hayden Zezula mutant animations cells

Besides being sinister, these colorful animations are both fun and psychedelic, and they force your eyes to watch closely to appreciate each movement and detail. Not only does Zezula get inspiration from microscopic organisms, but he also uses the human body and all the intricate bits of its anatomy for these creations. 

Hayden Zezula mutant animations legs

«The focus is to blend eerie images with visually pleasing loops to keep people interested and uncomfortable at the same time.»

Hayden Zezula mutant animations hands

One of this artist's most disturbing images is one that depicts an octopus-like baby whose body is filled with arms and hands. The way its limbs dance can be so disturbing that it forces you to keep your eyes fixed on it, even if you actually want to look away.

Hayden Zezula mutant animations baby

This artist uses all the tools of the digital world to create beautiful, absurd, disturbing, and wacky designs. With Zezula's work, nightmares become colorful, even magical; however, they can still freak out the casual observer.

Hayden Zezula mutant animations feet

This hallucinating artist belongs to a new current of animators that create sinister, beautiful, and horrifying worlds. The grotesque and horror can be the best way to portray the absurdity of the world. This art doesn't need any sort of explanation; it's appealing because it isn't afraid of letting itself go.

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Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards