The Tattoo Trend You Need To Try Before The End Of The Year

The Tattoo Trend You Need To Try Before The End Of The Year

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By: Carolina Romero

May 4, 2017

Design The Tattoo Trend You Need To Try Before The End Of The Year
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By: Carolina Romero

May 4, 2017

Have you ever wondered what's the taste of colors? What's the color of your favorite song? What's the smell of a word? No, this is not a rhetorical game; colors can have a flavor and sounds can have smells and textures. The capacity we have to perceive this is called synesthesia, and it's a condition that science is avidly studying.

Synesthetes can perceive more than one sensation at the time; they "may see sounds, taste words or feel a sensations on their skin when they smell certain scents." It's estimated that about 4% of world's population has a variation of this condition, which allows them to experience life in a very particular and highly sensitive way.

soundwave tattoo trend

While only a select few can enjoy these intertwined perceptions, not everything is lost for us mortals who experience regular sensations. In recent times, a tattoo trend has made it possible for us to listen to sounds on our skin.

From his L.A. study, tattoo artist Nate Siggard and his friend Ryan Flynn have changed the way we conceive this permanent strokes on our skin. To be more precise, he created some designs inspired by the waves sound produces. The client can choose what specific sound they want to get, and through an app, they can listen to their tattoo.

As its creators explain, the idea came out from Siggard's girlfriend, Juliana, when she commented: "wouldn’t it be cool if you could listen to the tattoo?" This left the artist thinking on a way to make that possible. Time after that, he came up with the idea and created a tattoo with Juliana and their four-month baby saying "I love you." Then he decided to post it on Facebook and in less than one day it became viral.

After the world's reaction, this tattoo artist and his team have developed their invention and have officially announced it will be launched in June, 2017. Due its popularity, they're creating a net of certified artists to join the project, so we will be able to listen to our tattoos very soon.

You can register on their official website to get an appointment, and while you wait patiently for this to become a reality, here are some ideas of soundwave tattoos you can get inspired by:

The ribs have become one of the favorite spots to get a tattoo on. Imagine having a fragment of your favorite poem or the chorus of a song on your torso.

soundwave tattoo trend rib

If you're a discrete person, these minimalist tattoos are perfect for you. A white-inked design or a simple and thin wave will look amazing without being extremely showy.

soundwave tattoo trend arm

Wrist tattoos are also very fashionable, since they are discrete and subtle. You can get the tune of that song that makes you happy or the sounds of nature to calm yourself.

soundwave tattoo trend wrist

If you're planning on getting a bigger design, the forearm can be the best spot. You can play with sound variations using the thickness of the lines to create a unique tattoo.

soundwave tattoo trend forearm

If you want something more intimate, your upper back or your neck are the perfect spots.

soundwave tattoo trend ear

Getting the voice of a beloved person is a great idea to remember them. This recording will be on your skin forever and will provide your design a deeper meaning.

soundwave tattoo trend finger

If you're looking for an original idea to get with your partner, this can be a meaningful option. This message will always be with you to listen to whenever you want.

soundwave tattoo trend two

Also, you can record your own voice to leave a message for your future self.

soundwave tattoo trend three

For soundwave's creators, this trend goes beyond getting a simple tattoo. "The majority of people who are interested in getting Soundwave Tattoos have lost a family member or loved one. They require and deserve the highest level of compassionate care through the tattooing process in order to aid in the catharsis that comes from their experience. We will do everything within our power to ensure that the artists we recommend are qualified in every possible way and that they have a respect for the circumstances behind the meaning of our customer's tattoos."

If you could carry a particular sound on your skin, what would you get? Would it be a fragment of your favorite song? The words of someone you love? Or a life lesson for your future self?


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Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards