The Strange Structure Nobody In NYC Asked For, But That Everyone Will Love

The Strange Structure Nobody In NYC Asked For, But That Everyone Will Love

By: Santiago Gonzalez -

The Vessel is strange, expensive, controversial, kind of useless, but groundbreaking. It'll become a New York City symbol for its boldness

It’s a honeycomb! It’s a cup!  It’s a ribcage It’s a half an egg! It’s a.... We really don’t know what it is, but it’s there, in the middle of Hudson Yards in New York City, located between 30th and 33rd Streets, and between Tenth Avenue and the West Side Highway, where it works as its centerpiece. vessel new york city hudson yards honeycomb structure@hudsonyardsWhat it is really, though It’s a public structure in New York of which construction started in April 2017. It has no name yet, but they are calling it The Vessel for now. 

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vessel new york city hudson yards honeycomb structure@janus_md

The Vessel is an interactive sculpture, a giant sculpture, made of glass and steel that features a network of stair, 154 to be exact, and landings people can climb.The Strange Structure Nobody In NYC Asked For, But That Everyone Will Love 1@genoxogen And there’s really not much to it besides that and the total cost has roughly netted out to $25 billion. Yikes! Yet, that’s probably the point. The Vessel is meant to be a spot for people to gather around, but it’s public spaces like these that the creates want to bring back. vessel new york city hudson yards honeycomb structure@hudsonyards

Hudson Yards is the largest mixed-use private real-estate project ever. It’s an area that is expected to harbor a population of 125,000 in up to four skyscrapers by top-notch architects. In fact, the Vessel is designed to interact with every one of the buildings that surround it. Glance at it again and you’ll realize it expands upward, like an inverted triangle, which is exactly the opposite shape the usual skyscrapers that are right next to it.

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If you were to climb every single one of the staircases and landings you would climb up to 2,500 individual steps and 80 landings, which would sum up around one mile of vertical climb. This in itself would offer breathtaking views of the city, so I’m sure you’ll want to do it again and again.vessel new york city hudson yards honeycomb structure@craigsbeds

Yes, the Vessel does nothing else. It’s just a bunch of stairs, to walk up and down. To look at it and contemplate. To meet up. Not everything has to do something. But big cities, and specially New York City, need more public spaces like these. Bold, strange and seemingly useless structures may not be well received at first. But over time, it’ll become an icon.

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