Tiger Tattoo Designs To Express Your Braveness

Tiger Tattoo Designs To Express Your Braveness

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By: Rodrigo Ayala Cárdenas

July 28, 2018

Design Tiger Tattoo Designs To Express Your Braveness

Those who wear a tiger tattoo will demonstrate being brave and independent, but also willingness to adapt to difficult situations.

Once upon a time Buddha gathered all the animals in the world in a cave where he was devoted to meditation. Twelve species answered to the message: the rat, the ox, the rabbit, the dragon, the snake, the horse, the goat, the monkey, the rooster, the dog, the pig and the tiger. All of them came from different parts of the world after a very long and exhausting journey. Buddha rewarded them by making them the owners of the sacred symbols of the Chinese zodiac, as these animals were perfect to describe the characteristics of people born on an specific year.

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Tiger is one of the most majestic of these 12 animals. A beast defined by its beauty, braveness and lonely character. These characteristics are complemented by some other aspects in contrast: tigers are fierce, strong, and lethal when attacking their victims.

The appearance of tigers is not the one of a cruel or bloodthirsty animal but rather a mystical one, one that deserves respect and veneration. When a tiger is in its habitat, it's presence is very impactful because of the elegance featured in its strong body, the powerful look that might be tender or fearful at the same time. Faces of tigers combine kindness and ferocity, so this is the ideal symbol to represent darkness and light that inhabits within each human in this world. That is why a tiger tattoo represents more than just one of the largest and lethal felines in the world.

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People who would like to express a strong and firm character can do it with the image of a tiger, an animal that is still venerated in Chinese culture. One important thing about them is that they can jump up to five meters high, so this ability is perfect to represent the willingness to reach higher and the wish to accomplish all the goals in mind. Its nature makes it able to hunt in a lonely way, as it doesn't need any help when capturing its victims: its almost three meters long and more than 300 kilos are enough. This makes out of tigers the ideal symbol to demonstrate independence and ability to face dangers in life.

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Tigers are very good at swimming too. If they need to, they might be able to swim up to 5 kilometers without resting. Those who would like to represent the ability to adapt to different situations or sort out adversities, would really love to have a tiger figure on their bodies.

Unfortunately, people have been hunting tigers to sell their bones, whiskers and tusks, putting these animals in danger of extinction. All the strength of these felines that represent India and Bangladesh is sadly diminished due to cruelty and greediness of men. Despite that, tigers have been brave enough to overcome these threats, so tigers can be perfect to represent the tough fight against lost causes or situations with severe threats. Everyone who is brave and who has courage knows that it is ok to feel fear but it is not allowed to stand still.

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Aesthetically, tigers as tattoos demonstrate elegance, strength, fierceness and dynamism. It is not a repulsive or a tender creature, it is not a cruel or weak being. It has the ability to provoke love and fear at the same time, so it is one of the most perfect creatures that gains the respect of everyone. This relates to human beings as we can be tender but with a firm character, full of braveness when facing difficult situations, but also compassionate with the weak.