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20 Under The Chin Tattoos You Didn't Know You Needed To Boost Your Confidence

13 de marzo de 2018

María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

Face tattoos are only for the boldest people out there, but what about getting a tattoo that isn't that noticeable, yet still encourages you to become more self-confident?

Tattoos were originally a primary form of self-expression in many civilizations all over the world. Although that's not the main reason why people get a tattoo these days, there is no doubt that their ancestral meaning is still appealing for a lot of people. Take, for instance, the growing popularity of under-the-chin tattoos. While many of these tats are a continuation of a bigger neck design, nowadays a lot of people are just getting inked on their chin, not only because of its unique and original location, but also as a means of showing their sense of cultural pride.





More or less following the Māori Mono Kauai female chin tattoo tradition, a rite of passage for young women to show their true identity and confidence, this new trend reveals who you are with designs that speak from within. That’s what I meant before: it doesn’t matter what your reasons are for getting a tattoo or even if you choose a design at random; at the end of the day, these become marks that differentiate us from the rest, but more importantly visual expressions of our own identity and interests in life. 





So, going back to the idea of traditional Māori tattoos, what’s interesting is that these are making a comeback after disappearing almost completely for years, as a way of showing pride in their roots and identity. Apart from that, it’s also seen as a spiritual (not necessary religious) transformation, where the person getting it responds to an internal call to embrace themselves fully. That’s where the confidence and self-love idea comes from, and the one that’s inspiring so many to get not only the traditional Māori Mono Kauai, but also this new trend you’ve been seeing.





Of course, not everybody who gets one of these under-the-chin tattoos is inspired by or even knows about the Māori tradition, but after a substancial research, I found that the popular trend does borrow from it. No matter where they get the inspiration from, in most cases, the idea of this new trend is to show the confidence that is inside you and wants to come out into the world. Actually, I found a really beautiful image on Tattoodo about the meaning of these new tattoos: because they are under your chin, they are “constant motivation to always keep our chins up,” literally and metaphorically.





This is a tattoo trend only for the boldest people out there. I mean, you could get a very small design, but it’s definitely in a very visible spot where not everyone is willing to get inked. Still, I also think that getting an under-the-chin tattoo is a nice reminder of how we must always trust and believe in ourselves, be proud of who we are and what we want to express to the world, but more importantly, as the quote I mentioned above, to always walk with our chin up no matter what. 





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María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

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