Illustrations Of What It Feels To Be Trapped In A Hallucination

xaviera lopez illustrated animations

Scrolling through Instagram is always a journey to the unknown and the unexpected. This app that’s meant to work as a visual journey often provides a glimpse into those special moments in our friends’ lives. But it’s also become a very effective medium for people from different disciplines to display their work to the world. Influencers, actors, dancers, musicians, and artists use this as a tool to make a name in the world of Internet, the realm where everything is happening and where they can connect more easily with an audience thirsty for new and innovative products to consume and delight from. In that way, each profile and account becomes a window where we can access the minds of these people and become witnesses of their process and success. As you know, here we are in a tireless quest to discover the talent of artists we can profile and whose work you can also enjoy. With that mission in mind, I came across the works of an amazing Chilean artist and her enticing world.

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Xaviera López, who has described her art as a visual journal, explores all those things going on around her life and adapts them into a black and white world where the only limitations and norms are set by herself. And even though she follows that scheme, she’s constantly fighting and pushing these personal boundaries to go beyond what’s in her mind. 

xaviera lopez illustrated animations 2

"Emotions, realizations and thoughts are responses we all have to facts from life, and I like to register them because it helps me process reality and turn my inner world into something tangible, bearable and hopefully beautiful, that feels like glue connecting visible and invisible worlds." Xaviera Lopez

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Each detail, event, or thought that crosses her mind are invitations for her creativity to run amok and turn into hallucinatory documents of what it’s like to live inside her own subconscious. But at the same time, as she explains, they become a thin bridge between reality, proper of a rational mind, and the fantasies that live within us. As a result, these works are a process in which she makes tangible materialities of all those elements happening in what she calls an invisible world.

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"Inspiration comes from everywhere, it’s all about paying attention. Life is diegetic: whatever you have inside, you’ll find mirroring elements of that in the outside world." Xaviera Lopez

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Merging the techniques of illustration with digital animations, Xaviera creates incredible short videos based on her protagonist, who is also inspired by herself. These short animations, as we have mentioned, become episodes of the visual journey she creates with simplistic but powerful strokes. What makes of this amazing and surreal world so alluring is its relatable essence. It doesn’t matter that all of her work is inspired or is a reflection of her personal experience. In the end, the honest way in which she portrays them becomes a mirror for the spectators to reflect their own backgrounds and emotions. Thus, this visual art can work as a catalyst for the audience to interpret and understand it under their own lenses.

xaviera lopez illustrated animations 6

"Obstacles are there to ask how much you want what you say you want." Xaviera Lopez

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The process behind these animations isn’t as easy as it looks. Her illustrations might look simplistic, as they’re two-dimensional, but actually the process is quite complex. Xaviera studied in an art school in Santiago, Chile and it was there where she became acquainted with the art of 2D animation. Thus, she follows the traditional procedure of creating fifteen frames per second, and since her videos last at least five seconds, you can imagine all the hard work to produce them. Even when there are other techniques that can help make the process of animating easier, she’s faithful to her own way of creating this hallucinatory visual art.

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"I see my work as a bridge between the visible and the invisible, and I just do whatever feels important to alchemize and register." Xaviera Lopez

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If you want a free ticket to enter this surreal and extremely captivating world, just take a look at her Instagram account and her official website: @xavieralopez and Xaviera Lopez

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María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

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