Illustrations That Show 28 Struggles That Come From Living With Your Partner

yehuda devir illustrations

Comic artist Yehuda Devir shows the beauty in the everyday in his series One of those Days, which has already attracted millions of followers on Instagram.

Is your Instagram filled with couples showing off to the world how much they love each other? It is odd to see a picture of your friend with their boyfriend looking all sweet on social media while knowing that the day before they had a fight because she called you to tell you all about it. All these pictures and romantic illustrations only highlight the big moments in a relationship as if they are the only beautiful and worth sharing experiences. I find the truth to be the exact opposite, everyday moments and struggles are the foundations of a relationship and they are the most beautiful. Comic artist Yehuda Devir shows exactly that in his series One of those Days, which has already attracted millions of followers on Instagram.

1. They monopolize the bathroom

yehuda devir illustrations 1

2. They’re better than you at some things

yehuda devir illustrations 2

3. When they’re so stubborn they won’t accept they’re exhausted

yehuda devir illustrations 3

4. Or when they get a bit drunk and you have to carry them

yehuda devir illustrations 4

Each of Devir’s detailed illustrations are based on real experiences he’s shared with his wife Maya Devir who also plays a huge role in the development of each image. However, perhaps the best part of Devir's style is that he doesn't show random moments, but manages to transform the daily life into an intense, action packed scene.

5. When showering together isn’t as sexy as it might sound

yehuda devir illustrations 5

6. When both of you are lazy AF

yehuda devir illustrations 6

7. Cleaning their mess

yehuda devir illustrations 7

8. Taking binge-watching to the extreme

yehuda devir illustrations 8

“The truth is that I did not think my illustrations had such an impact until I discovered that so many people around the world felt empathetic to them,” Devir said. “I’m glad I have the opportunity to touch people from all over the world with my heart.”

9. They distract you when you’re working

yehuda devir illustrations 9

10. They have taken over the apartment

yehuda devir illustrations 10

11. When they’re not as festive as you

yehuda devir illustrations 11

12. Each in their space but still connected

yehuda devir illustrations 12

They met during their military service in Israel and their passion for visual arts brought them together. Once married, they decided to move to Tel Aviv to start their career as graphic designers and illustrators but they couldn’t find a good deal in a decent apartment. Creative as they are, they decided to create a cute illustration to ask for help on Social Media and needless to say, people loved it. 

13. When they cheat on the diet

yehuda devir illustrations 13

14. They do strange things you don’t get

yehuda devir illustrations 14

15. They take forever to get ready

yehuda devir illustrations 15

16. They mess with you all the time

yehuda devir illustrations 16

“Because of her, I make these illustrations ― she just gives me laughter and happiness for life. She is also an artist, in my opinion, better than me, and I sometimes get her reviews about the illustrations I do.”

17. When they turn the apartment upside down

yehuda devir illustrations 17

18. When they want to set the mood but they’re a bit clumsy

yehuda devir illustrations 18

19. They become sergeants to motivate you

yehuda devir illustrations 19

20. They won’t let you get up

yehuda devir illustrations 20

As he calls it, One of Those Days has become an animated reality show where people interact with them and their situations. Beyond showing how happy they are, these illustrations have proven to be cathartic, as it allows them to analyze their actions and goals as a couple. Even bad moments become a learning experience for this endearing couple.

21. Forgetting special days

yehuda devir illustrations 21

22. You have to battle with their mess

yehuda devir illustrations 22

23. When they Netflix cheat on you

yehuda devir illustrations 23

24. You'll put yourself into anything to protect them

yehuda devir illustrations 24

Each experience he sketches are entirely relatable. Living with someone, be it your partner or spouse, is always a challenge and game for patience. You have to get used to their little obsessions, and they too have to learn all your quirks as well.

25. When they don’t control their movements

yehuda devir illustrations 25

26. They can be quite mischevious

yehuda devir illustrations 26

27. They make a big deal with simple things

yehuda devir illustrations 27

28. Still, no matter what you love all their quirks.

yehuda devir illustrations 28

As these images prove that it is compromise, respect, and humor that make a relationship thrive. If you both love each other and are committed to working things out, then those little annoyances like finding hair in the shower, will be a tiny speck, compared to the awesomeness of your relationship. Laugh, life is short and the people that stay with us are even more precious.

If you want to see more of these heartwarming illustrations, take a look at his official website and Instagram:

Yehuda Devir



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