Unique Zodiac Sign Tattoos That You Haven't Seen Anywhere Else

March 23, 2018

|Ariel Rodriguez
zodiac tattoo ideas

Zodiac signs help us know when luck will be on our side and what other signs best match our love interests.

Whenever you're getting to know someone, have you ever noticed how they are intrigued by your zodiac? It probably has something to do with your personality and compatibility with other signs. Zodiac symbols are divided across our celestial sphere and they are believed to interpret our fortune and personal characteristics. For example, Scorpio is an intense and focused sign, whereas, Gemini can be versatile and vibrant. It's said that they influence our luck, mood, and can even tell what other signs are romantically compatible. For these reasons, having your zodiac tattooed onto your body would be a perfect idea for letting others know more about yourself.

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There are many possibilities when it comes to a design inspired by your zodiac. It can be related to the constellation, done in a way that is minimalistic and subtle. My favorite one is Sagittarius because of its tree branch shape and Libra which reminds me of a kite.

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There is also the representation of the zodiac symbols. For example, Virgo is often interpreted as a mermaid. Gemini are a pair of twins. Taurus is a bull. Of course Leo is a lion. The flexibility in which these illustrations can be designed hold no barriers. Like the symmetrical arrangements in a Gemini tattoo, or the outlined silhouette of a scorpion for the Scorpio sign. I’d say there is no right and wrong when it comes to size here. They can be tattooed on the back area or on the wrists and ankles. 

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Zodiac signs can also be interpreted by their symbol. They are sort of a mix between Roman numbers and icons. Scorpio, for instance, is a letter “M” with a devil 's tail at the end, Sagittarius is an arrow, and Aquarius is a pair of ocean waves. They are mainly spotted on places where small tats look the best like the arm, back of the neck, and sometimes the hip.

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Reading a little about your sign can help you find a match but you don’t have to get a zodiac tattoo based on that. It is a fashionable way to express yourself and it is also a personal trait only those you can have.

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