Must-read feminist fiction books to amp up your perspective

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Throughout the years, female power has been represented in so many different ways and life stories. Some of them have become amazing classics and a bunch of others are yet to be discovered by all those bookworms out there who love reading about the topic.

Feminist contemporary literature is now stronger than ever. So many great releases have come out regarding this topic that would inspire or educate anyone who reads them and surely deserve more recognition among book lovers. With that in mind, here are the best feminist book picks for all of those who not only want to expand their reading lists but also get to discover more about this powerful movement.

Speak – Laurie Halse Anderson

Melinda is a lonely girl who stopped talking to people after attending her last end-of-summer party. She was raped and busted the event by calling the cops on it. Because of that, she has been continuously fighting to overcome that horrible experience, and just when she finally feels like she is starting to work through what happened, she has another violent encounter with her rapist that will lead her to act up and achieve a measure of vindication. 

A thousand splendid suns – Khaled Hosseni

A great example of power regarding women’s support that will surely get to your heart. This is the story of Mariam, a girl who lives with her bittered mother who has married a man who gets pretty abusive when he notices that she can not get pregnant. Years later, the husband finds another girl he wants to marry to see if he can finally have a son, but when the other woman gives birth to a girl, he also turns violent with her. Mariam and the second wife, Laila, start to get along pretty well with time and they support each other to overcome the horrible marriage they are both in; until Lalia´s true love finds her again and both women will have to find a way to let Lalia and her kids pursue their very own happiness next to this other new man.

Bad Feminists: Essays – Roxane Gray

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A great dive into Roxane Gray’s critical opinion regarding feminism, culture, politics and many other factors. It’s definitely a great book to reflect on different situations from this specific perspective and question our overall lifestyle in today’s society.

Girl, Woman, Other – Bernardine Evaristo

This book submerges the reader into 12 different stories that involve all the struggles from Black British womanhood to achieve success. The characters tell their very own stories covering topics like friendship, families, and love throughout different periods and how they intertwine while dealing with racism, patriarchy, gender, and sexuality.

A river of stars – Vanessa Hua

This is the story of Scarlett, a woman that while working at a Chinese factory fell in love with her boss. She’s now pregnant with a baby boy. This unexpected pregnancy leads Scarlett’s boss to send her to L.A. so that his future son will have great opportunities as an American Citizen. When she finds out that something unexpected is happening with her baby inside her, she decides to escape and hide in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Little did she know that the father was following closer than she thought, so now she will have to work her way through motherhood, immigration, identity, and building her own future. 

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