New Year, New Book Releases that will keep you away from reading slumps

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“Every year has 365 new opportunities to take“ – yes, please!! Although it might be a little unrealistic to read 1 book per day, 12 months are definitely a lot of time to devour and discover so many great books that will keep you motivated on your daily reading habits.

No matter your favorite genre, tropes, or any type of bookish preference you may have, 2022 is looking very promising about its releases and here we list some of the major ones that won’t even let you think about the last time you had a reading slump and most importantly, won’t make you fall into one or DNF them. 

Book Lovers by Emily Henry

Her past releases like Beach Read and People We Meet On Vacation have been so hyped all over BookTok, that her next book is definitely worth the mention. In this one, we will follow Nora (who is a passionate book lover) and Charlie (an editor) on their desire to become the main characters of their own life story alongside their constant encounters that are far from cute and romantic.

Release date: May 3rd

All my Rage by Sabaa Tahir

Two best friends are now fighting for their own futures. One has to run and save the family business from failure and the other desperately wants to escape from everything she has in that town in California. From dysfunctional families, to love, loss and forgiveness; this story will make you question the real value of friendship. 

The Book of Old Cases by Simone St. James

During the day she works as a receptionist, but at the end of her shift, she turns into a detective running a true-crime website called The Book of Old Cases. One day, Shea Collins meets the one and only Beth Greer, a suspect for the murder of two men back in 1977; and her passion leads her to get an interview with her in the tremendous mansion where Beth now lives in isolation and things never seem completely normal…

Release date: March 15th 

Black Cake by Charmaine Wilkerson

The perfect option for discovering new authors. Charmaine´s debut novel unfolds the story of Eleanor Bennett´s sons in their desire to understand their mother´s inheritance, which is full of mystery and secrets that will completely change the way in which they perceive themselves, their relationship with each other, and their family´s history.

You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty by Akwaeke Emezi

Feyi is an artist who lost the love of her life in an accident five years ago and is now feeling ready to move on to achieving her dream life once and for all. 

Little did she know that a rooftop party would impact her future so much, that she suddenly would find herself living a luxurious life, dating who seems to be the perfect guy and meeting a curator who promised to finally launch her career. But when everything looks perfect, she must stop for a little while and ask herself about who she really wants to become and how far is she willing to go in order to achieve her dreams.

An Arrow to the Moon by Emily X.R. Pan

Hunter is tired of his family´s mistakes; Luna is afraid of her future and the super high expectations that her parents have about her. From the very moment they met at school, their lives will be turned upside down while they try to fight their family’s problems and secrets, maintain their relationship alive and win over the destiny that appears to not be on their side. 

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