The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Bookworms

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But if you’re unsure, then the best route to take is the next best thing: bookish gifts. Here’s a handy guide to gifts for book nerds.

Candles and Soaps

Many independent craftspeople and retailers make candles and soaps based on famous books. Sometimes they create scents specific to the characters in a book. Candles make great gifts for book lovers, as many readers like to burn them for the ambiance while enjoying their nightly read.

Tea and Coffee Paraphernalia

Brands like NovelTea offer several flavors with bookish puns like “Anise in Wonderland” or “Pride and Peppermint.” A book-themed mug wouldn’t go amiss either, as many bookworms like to enjoy a hot beverage as they get cozy with a book.

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Tote Bags, Jewelry and Socks

Accessories for book lovers are plenty available if you shop around online or at local bookstores. From tote bags with classic book spine designs to socks for those who love the classics like Edgar Allen Poe, there is an accessory for everyone. Earrings, bracelets and necklaces inspired by iconic symbols or scenes from books are also popular.

Indie Bookstore Gift Certificates

No gift guide is complete without the gift certificate option. Gift cards to Barnes & Noble or even Amazon marketplace are hard to go wrong with, but to truly personalize this choice, look for an independent bookstore that offers certificates for their locations. Show the local book shop some love, too.

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Book Box Subscriptions

Among the best gifts for bookworms are book box subscriptions. There are many companies out there that create customized monthly subscriptions for readers, such as Book of the Month or TBR from Book Riot. If you know your book nerd pretty well, then you can go so far as to customize for genre or category, like monthly young adult books or mystery thrillers.


Readers always need more bookmarks, so why add a few to your holiday shopping list? You can go the traditional route with metal or paper bookmarks or you can venture into new designs that use magnets and clips. Whichever you choose, your bookworm will love and appreciate it.

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Journals and Notebooks

There’s a good chance your reader is also a writer. Picking up a journal or notebook with artistic design is the perfect bookish gift to encourage their creativity. Even if they’re not writers, they might still appreciate a way to jot down notes and thoughts on what they’re reading or a way to track their reading.

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