Harry Styles and EmRata Would’ve Started Dating When He Was Still with Olivia Wilde

Harry Styles and EmRata have been together for months according to this new theory.

Isabel Cara

Harry Styles

Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski surprised the world with the news of their alleged romance, which apparently is new to the public, but they would have been lying to us since it would not be as recent as we thought.

Lately, celebrities have been surprising us with romances we never thought they would have, just like Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner. However, they weren’t the only ones who shocked their fans, also Harry and Emily with a passionate kiss that, from our point of view, looked a bit awkward.

The Theory That Claims Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski Have Been Dating for Months

The videos and photos with which Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski made their romance known were indeed full of passion; however, they were also the focus of mockery and criticism.

In November 2022, Harry Styles ended his two-year relationship with Olivia Wilde, who was also friends with Emily Ratajkowski, something that did not go down well with many fans. However, this was not the only target of criticism among this trio, as it seems that the current couple has been dating for several months.

Harry styles emily ratajkowski dating months rumors - harry styles and emrata would've started dating when he was still with olivia wilde

Emily Ratajkowski herself was in charge of putting it to rest in a chat with Eileen Kelly on March 9, where the model talked about the characteristics of her new conquest and how he makes her feel when she’s with him. “I started dating someone I think I like, so that’s different. I was like, ‘He’s great,'” the model confessed.

EmRata also expressed that she had already been looking for a person who would be independent and lead her own life, without the need to be around her all the time, and it seems that Harry Styles fulfills this need. It is rumored that this is the reason why she broke up with her ex-partner Sebastian Bear-McClard, to whom she was in fact married. But their relationship did not prosper, and they decided to divorce.

Although in the above confession, she does not give Harry’s name, if we think about it, it is not necessary to do so when we put together the pieces of the puzzle. The dates match.

Emily Ratajkowski Would Have Apologized to Olivia Wilde

It is that the codes of friendship are not broken by anyone… or are they? Sources close to the girlfriends revealed that Olivia would have called Emily ‘snake’ after the videos of the model kissing her ex-boyfriend were published. This prompted EmRata to try to contact her to apologize for everything that happened and the damage it surely caused her.

Did Harry Styles Reveal His Relationship with Emily Ratajkowski?

After the alleged romance between the singer and the model went viral, fans took the opportunity to remember the day when Harry Styles, in a 2012 interview with One Direction, was asked if he had a crush on any celebrity; he answered with Emily Ratajkowski.

So far neither of the two celebrities has made their romance official; however, those photos said more than a thousand words.

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