A Gift From Us: Original And Funny Christmas Decorations To Cheer You Up

By Mariel Espíndola One of the happiest and most important celebrations of the year is finally here. It’s Christmas, you guys! Who doesn’t enjoy parties, hanging out with friends, getting presents, and getting in the Christmas spirit? Every year we wait for this season to spend time and have fun with our beloved friends and

9 tattoos to always remember where you came from

9 Tattoos To Always Remember Where You Came From

It’s funny, but I do believe most of the times we take for granted the amazing places we call home. It’s not until we find ourselves away from them, and then you hear the common phrase, “you don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it.” Well, I’ve always been proud of who I am

Is Today’s Fashion Actually The Same As 1996’s?

There’s a myriad of tests out there claiming they can determine just how old is your soul based on certain traits and things you do. Based on the tally of results, your soul will be classified as old, young, or wandering. The older souls are the ones whose human form projects a sense of balance

Tattoos You Would Only Get With Your Soulmate

One of the most famous soulmate myths may be the Greek one. Legend says that humans had two heads, four arms, and four legs, and they were divided into two by Zeus’s command. Nowadays, we pitifully roam around the world until we find that other human being who will complement us perfectly.   Another one

Illustrations About The Joys And Delights Of Gay Intimacy

Sex is joy. When we let ourselves be taken by another person, we open ourselves to the delights that are hidden within our body. The key to happiness lies in ourselves. We just need to discover it by allowing others to fall into us. Our enjoyment is based on how much we let our bodies

The Donkey And The Piñata: The History Behind The Iconic Mexican Totem

The origins of piñatas are still unclear. Some historians trace them back to China, during Marco Polo’s time. Others claim that piñatas actually come from pre-Columbian times. However, the question remains: why is it that donkey piñatas have become part of the popular imagination? And, are they really that popular? Pre-Columbian historians say that piñatas

6 Ways To Decorate Your Room According To Your Personality Type

Sometimes with school, work, or any activity we engage in throughout the day we really don’t think about the importance of our bedrooms. It’s common to have the impression that we spend most of our day outside, and for that reason we don’t pay too much attention to the decoration of our bedrooms. However, I’ve

The illustrator of imaginary worlds who inspired tim burton

The Illustrator Of Imaginary Worlds Who Inspired Tim Burton

There’s one person responsible for our generation’s fixation on messy hair, big eyes, and black and white striped clothing: Tim Burton. Since the release of The Nightmare Before Christmas, this filmmaker has shown us how horror can be utterly adorable. Through Jack Skellington, a ghoulish figure who discovers the magic of Christmas, we fell in

Drake, Rihanna, And Cara: Do’s And Don’ts Of Celebrity Tattoos

One of my favorite celebrity stories regarding tattoos is definitely Johnny Depp’s. It’s one of those examples of why you should never get your partner’s name tattooed on your skin, but the anecdote also shows that it doesn’t matter how much you screw your life up, you can always come back in a funny and