5 decoration trends to renovate your home for the New Year

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New Year, New Home. Some people believe that your surroundings are a great way to start getting your life together especially for this time when it is all about fresh starts, new resolutions, and a revamped motivation to change for the better.

Whether you´ve been wanting to renew your entire home or just a single space like your room, now is the perfect time to start gathering inspiration in order to take on that amazing design project. No matter what color scheme you already have or your budget, these amazing home decor trends for the upcoming year are perfect for giving your surroundings a whole new and clean vibe to start January 1st on the right mindset.

1. Antiques

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Let vintage be your new flow. If you find the perfect way to balance a couple of these pieces with a modern, minimal environment, it will be the perfect combination for a unique home style. Whether you decide to go for classic vintage with neutral tones or more extravagant colorful decor, these will work perfectly to add a touch of sophistication to your environment.

2. Oval Furniture

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We are done with a straight and squared style, we now use curves. Rounded furniture and edges allow your space to flow coherently between every single piece you place in every room. It is more soft, subtle, classy and has become the new trend for this new year. Try it out! This will give you a whole new perspective on interior design that maybe you never thought you would like.

3. Minimal luxe

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People are going crazy over the minimal trend as of lately. Simple and plain decorations followed by one or two accent pieces give the perfect elegant and calming vibe to your surroundings so that you can feel at ease in your own home without thinking that it lacks style. Sometimes less is more, and minimal does not mean that you cannot go full-on decorating; it’s just a matter of finding the perfect pieces and space to place them all together to create a coherent, homey environment.

4. Pop of Color

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Minimal does not mean plain white or neutral colors; you can always spice it up by playing with colors and tones to add brightness to your space. Either you paint some walls, add colorful furniture or art pieces, color can be your perfect ally to completely renew the way in which your house looks. 

Especially if you are going for the trendy side of color, you can always turn to the color of the year for some inspiration; but if it seems quite intimidating for you, try implementing it on little details like small paintings, colored candles, or flowers for the perfect touch of color. 

5. Plant decor

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Time to go natural. Once you´ve played with colors, furniture, and styles, there can always be room for some plants to add more life to your home. 

Choose from small to big full plants, low maintenance, high maintenance, tall, short, real, or even fake plants if you simply can’t manage to keep them alive for any reason. The thing is that this can be the perfect final touch for any room, shelve or surface and they aren’t that expensive, which is always a huge plus. 

Get creative and play with everything you see and like. Combine colors, textures, objects, and styles to create the home that you´ve always wanted to have and with which you´ll start this new year ready for success.

Photos from Pexels