Simple Decoration Ideas For A Last-Minute Thanksgiving Dinner

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If you’re here, it’s either because you left everything until the last minute, or you’ve been asked to throw a Thanksgiving dinner party today and you have to look for easy and, more importantly, fast ideas to make your dinner a winning party. Either way, don’t panic, we’ve got your back. One of the things that brings the Thanksgiving spirit is the table decoration. Attention to detail can really give the impression you’ve been working for a while organizing everything and make your guests feel welcome and special. These very simple decoration ideas are amazing because they don’t require you to be super crafty, and they’re really easy and inexpensive. So, prepare your scissors and glue and get ready to make these amazing decorations.

Participative Decor

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If you really want people to become involved with your party, you can start the evening by asking them to become part of the setting with these really cool activities that also work as great decorative items. You can read them before or after dinner in a nice and heartwarming activity.

Thanksgiving Candle Centerpieces

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Candles bring a romantic and cozy vibe to everything. These ideas are really easy but at the same time so gorgeous that I bet everybody will compliment you. You’ll only need some crystal vases, seeds (corn is quite a popular one for this particular celebration) and some candles. A nice touch would be pumpkin spiced candles to match the celebrations with the delicious smell of the season. If you don’t have vases, you can also use wine glasses turned upside down and use the base to place your candles. Add as many details as you like; a great idea would be placing leaves (though you have to be very careful to avoid any possible incidents with fire).

Cute Cutlery

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The devil’s in the details, and some really nice and cute cutlery can really change the entire look of your table setting. There are tons of cute printables available for free on the internet, so you just have to fold the paper to place the cutlery, or you can be a bit more crafty and create really nice envelopes with fabric, glue, plastic leaves, and flowers. 

Thanksgiving Flower Arrangements

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Flowers are an easy and beautiful way to bring life and beauty to the table. These three ideas won’t take you more than 15 minutes, but they will really become the center of attention. Just like you did with the candles, you can make these with some crystal flower vases filled with pine cones, or acorns and your preferred flowers. You can also paint an empty pumpkin and use it as a vase for a more original arrangement.

Festive Garlands

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For me, garlands are the materialization of parties, and you can make really cool and funny ones for your Thanksgiving. These are really easy to make, since you just have to cut the pieces and attach them to string. You can even find many printable designs and ideas online, so you don’t have to spend that much time designing. You can also get some plastic ornaments and glue them to thread or string.

Seasonal Leaves Decoration

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If you don’t want to put the typical Thanksgiving motifs like the turkey, the pilgrims, and all those images, you can always decorate with fall elements like dried leaves. You can get yours right from your backyard or even find some paper or plastic ones at the dollar store. Put them all over the place to create an autumn wonderland.

Thankful Messages

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You can spread the joy and spirit of Thanksgiving by placing thankful messages all over the place. It would be a nice way to cover some blank spots and also to remind your guests what the whole celebration is about. These are great because they will take some space, and you won’t have to do that much rather than place the words. 

Personalized Tags

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There’s nothing better than knowing you’re really welcome in a place, and you can make your guests feel that way with cool tags with their names. Again, there are tons of printables you can personalize, or you can make them by hand and just attach them to pine cones or even to decorated pumpkins or basically any ornament you have. Get creative! 

Colorful Pumpkins

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If you don’t want to buy and do that many things, you can always go for this gorgeous idea. Get as many pumpkins as you can (try getting different sizes), and paint them in different colors. You don’t have to be that traditional with orange and brown. In fact, it would be even more interesting and creative to play with colors. Just let them dry for a couple of hours and place them all over the table. You won’t need that much to complement your setting. 

It’s quite hard to organize or pull off an entire party in just a few hours, but these decorations won’t take you more than an hour, and they will really upgrade the ambiance of your Thanksgiving dinner party so much. You don’t have to do everything: just pick your favorite one or a couple and make your party the best one your guests have ever attended.

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