Nail Designs for Men That Will Convince You to Try New Trends

Someone should tell them they look spectacular when they take care of their nails.

Gabriela Castillo

Painted nails on men have been a taboo topic for a long time, until now when the options to experiment with one’s appearance are wider and also much more normalized.

More and more men are joining the trend of getting manicures – something that does not always have to do with sexuality or masculinity, but simply personal preference – and this did not start recently. In fact, for decades, many male personalities had already shown off their polished nails, but due to the era, they were stigmatized and judged, like Freddie Mercury, Kurt Cobain, David Bowie, and Lou Reed, among others.

What You Should Keep In Mind if You Want to Paint Your Nails

The world of nail polish is charming and once you enter, you will never want to leave; you should know that two fundamental rules will help you make your manicure even more satisfying: grooming and maintenance.

By “grooming” we refer to the care of the entire hand, specifically the nails, and fingers; they must be well-sized and shaped, and above all, that they are clean. You can also exfoliate the skin and use hand cream with sunscreen to give them a better appearance and keep them healthy.

When we say “maintenance” we refer to the polish, as once you notice the paint wearing off or the nail growing too long, then it is time to repaint.

Trends in Painted Nails for Men

There are four trends for painted nails, and each of these is perfect for different personalities; some are more discreet designs, others are fun, and there are also those who are not afraid to experiment.

Translucent polish

If you don’t want color or anything flashy, translucent polish is for you, as it is a clear polish, usually in white tone, which gives a natural finish to the nail with a satin-shiny tone. It is a very elegant work.

Esmalte - nail designs for men that will convince you to try new trends

Color Party

It is the choice of striking colors such as pink, green, purple, and yellow, including pastel shades. A great reference in this trend is Harry Styles, who often mixes a different color for each finger, sometimes alternating two, or using a single but very attractive color.

Color - nail designs for men that will convince you to try new trends

Galactic-Style Nails

We are not only talking about designs and patterns but also about polishes with a shiny/metallic finish regardless of the color, there is any shade available. You can combine dark colors with gold or silver, it depends a lot on your tastes and also if you’re attending a special event.

Galactic - nail designs for men that will convince you to try new trends

Pop Art

This is a very artistic option, in which the nail becomes a small canvas for any nail artist. You can choose the design you want, figures, fruits, characters, whatever, this trend is completely open to your desires. It is important to mention that for this work, it is best to go to a cosmetologist or nail artist to have an impeccable design.

Una - nail designs for men that will convince you to try new trends

Story originally written in Spanish by Kate Nateras in Cultura Colectiva.