Aesthetically Approved Spring 2023 Nail Trends That You’ll Love

Nail trends tiI don't want to sound like that influencer, but yes: many asked me where I get my nails done. That's why I decided to give you the ultimate nail trends for the Spring season.

Alex Cruz

A non-negotiable thing in my life: not having my nails look perfect. I need it; it gives me life. I love manicures and trying out the ultimate nail trends, and that’s why I wanted to share all I know about the trends and designs everybody who wants to be called aesthetic will have done this Spring 2023.

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A few days ago was my birthday (April 18, write it down), I turned 21, and I posted on Instagram this photo and several other stories:

I don’t want to sound like that influencer, but yes: many people asked me where I get my nails done, and I want to take advantage of my column here to recommend my friends at Latin Witch in Mexico City, one of my favorite places to get my nails done, the best for humans and androids, believe me!

I asked them and also did my research, and I want to share with you the main nail trends for Spring 2023 and a lot of ideas for you to get inspired and get the perfect Spring nails.

Spring 2023 Nail Trends

This year, if we had to choose iconic finishes, they would be pearlescent, metallic, and milky or glossy. As for colors, this Spring 2023 nails will have an explosion of color: hot pink, orange, all the greens in the world, electric blue, and white.

The most popular designs include flowers, mushrooms (I liiiive!), French styles, glitter, pearls, and stickers with thousands of designs.

As for the last few years, there are options for all tastes: short and “discreet” nails are top in 2023, but also very long acrylic nails (as I like them) with urban and super daring designs.

I dived into all sorts of nail accounts, and here are the ultimate 30 nail ideas for this Spring of 2023. Yes, you read that right, thirty because my fanaticism for this subject knows no limits. You’re bound to find at least one design that you like. If so, tell me on Instagram which ones you liked the most and where you do your nails, so we can exchange tips.

1. Glossy and Dripping Pearly Nails

2. Hot Pink Encapsulation

3. Bright Mix & Match

4. Electric Blue Nails

5. Inspired by Mushrooms

6. Seriously: the mushroom thing is real

Here is another option.

7. Ombre Rainbow Nails

8. Flowers

They can’t be missed.

9. More Flowers with Ying Yang in Electric Blue

See how the trends are combined.

10. Barbie Core Nails

11. Swirl Nails

One of my favorite designs.

12. Nails in Green

One of the colors of 2023.

13. Eyes and Colors

14. Clouds and Pearlescent Finishes

15. French Nails in Color

Much more my style.

16. Drops of Color

17. Tribals in Nude and Green

18. Urban and Classy

19. Pearly Flowers

20. Neon Green

My new obsession.

23. If astrology were not real… then why else would we love this design?

24. Is there anything more spring-like than this?

I don’t think so.

25. Please, and Thank You!

26. Barbie approves of this

27. More stickers, please!

28. Ufff, yes!

29. Very 2023

They are not my style, but there’s something for everyone…

30. Spring nails are the best!

And this design is all the evidence you need.

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