How to Imitate Sofia Richie’s ‘Old Money’ Style Without Spending All Your Money

Sofia Richie has become the "it girl" of the moment. Even with the old money style, she managed to take down the Kardashian clan; today we tell you how to imitate it without failing.

Isabel Cara

After her stormy relationship with Scott Disick, Sofia Richie became the most popular girl on social media or the “it girl” of the moment, proving to us that ending a toxic relationship can be the way to enter our best era. Over the past few months, Sofia has stolen everyone’s attention thanks to her elegant, sophisticated style and the dream wedding she had.

Since we all want to know how to look like that, today we made you a guide to imitate Sofia Richie’s old money style without dying in the attempt and, obviously, without having to spend millions of dollars.

What Is the Famous Old Money Style?

The term “old money” emerged to categorize millionaires who are “used” to money because fortune has been present in the history of their family, so they have a very classic aesthetic, that is, a fairly sophisticated, demure style of dress and do not seek to show off their money with obvious luxurious brands. It is more associated with the wealthy Americans of the late 80s and early 90s, and we can see a clear example of this trend in the advertising campaigns of the Ralph Lauren brand that perfectly captures this style.

How to Imitate Sofia Richie’s “Old Money” Style

1. Choose Neutral Colors

If you go into Sofia Richie’s Instagram feed, you’ll notice that her entire closet (or most of it) follows a neutral color palette. Lionel Richie’s daughter always opts for outfits that have only one color variety, meaning she doesn’t mix more than 3 colors. If she chooses a white dress, she will most likely coordinate it with other garments in the same color and will add a touch of style with her handbag or shoes in another color.

2. Small Accessories

The “it girl” and the old money style are characteristic of the use of small accessories. Apply the phrase “less is more.”

3. Cool Glasses

One way to add a different touch to outfits without looking quirky is to wear sunglasses with a different design.

4. Makeup – No Makeup

Sofia is one of the “skincare before makeup” team, which means that she focuses her routine on taking care of her skin so she can use a small amount of makeup and look gorgeous. Remember that for this point, a very important factor is sun protection, so there are no excuses to apply sunscreen every day. Add to your “old money” kit a good gloss, a concealer that covers even your sins, waterproof mascara, a cute but subtle blush, and an eyebrow fixer.

5. Well-Styled Hair

Sofia usually has two styles for her hair: either a relaxed (but not tousled) style with soft waves or a “slicked back” style with her hair pulled back and in buns or braids. Without a doubt, she teaches us that having our hair well styled, even when we want to look relaxed, is the key to looking elegant all the time.

Most importantly, remember that one thing is praising and wanting to embrace a sophisticated look, and the other is pretending to be something we’re not!

Story written in Spanish by Daniela Bosch in Cultura Colectiva

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