18 Unexpected And Powerful Outfits You Must Try On A First Date

It’s said that when we’re going on a first date we have to dress to impress, right? I think that’s absolutely right, but what kind of impression is it that you want to give, that’s the real question. Some might go for bold looks that make them stand out, while others prefer to wear comfy clothes that give hints of who they are as a person. There’s no right or wrong answer, but what if you mixed both? Here are a few easy tricks and combinations that will make you feel bold and most importantly, you.

Color blocking

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Color blocking has become one of the boldest fashion statements in the past years. So, the key to wearing bright or intense colors is to combine them with contrasting ones. The more contrast, the more creative you’ll look. Here you can leave the boldness to the colors and comfort to the cut and fit of the clothes.

Unusual color combinations

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Colors convey emotions and we know that color theory has been applied in marketing strategies for decades, so why shouldn’t you apply it to send a message to your date? Go for quirky combinations or patterns that you’d normally wouldn’t pair together. The importance here is to go for simple cuts that are understated because all the focus will be on the colors and patterns. Now, try applying color theory to make your outfit express who you are.

Monochromatic looks

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I know, I know. I talked about color theory and I haven’t given you any meanings so here goes, in general pale or light colors tend to be associated with calmness, introspection, and happiness. For instance, green, blue, and yellow are seen as colors that encourage communication, while pale pink or peachy hues are associated with softness and delicacy. If you consider yourself to have more of a bubbly personality, you can go for bright oranges or vivid reds. Now, it turns out that people associate black and deep burgundy colors with sexiness and strength. Finally, darker hues are related to intelligence. So, you can either go for a monochromatic outfit to convey that main aspect of your personality or combine them to show your complex traits.

Mixed colorful patterns

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Besides color blocking, there are many other options you can go for. For instance, another trend that’s been growing in the past years is to combine different patterns no matter how crazy that might be at first. So, have fun, play with colors and patterns and you’ll come up with an edgy outfit that is powerful and causes a huge impression.

Bold fabric combinations

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In the same way, as you can combine patterns that aren’t often put together, another interesting trend is to mix different textures. This is easier to achieve with monochromatic looks since it becomes more evident and can look more put together, but it can actually be achieved with any color combination. Just make sure it looks balanced.

Geometric shapes

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Finally, if you love color blocking but somehow don’t feel that confident to try it out, there are already some pieces that follow this trend and you only have to pop them on. Most of these follow an interesting geometric patterns, but what’s great about these is that they respond to a certain architectural principle, which helps shape your body in a very flattering way.

Sometimes we tend to focus more on the shape of our clothes and the trends out there without really thinking about the impact colors can have in an outfit. At the end of the day, clothes do say a lot about ourselves, and a determined color combination can be a great way to convey a specific and powerful message regarding our persona. So, don’t be afraid and try these unexpected and bold outfits that, I promise, will leave a great impression on your date.


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