Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Saw the Super Bowl Together despite Separation Rumors

Megan Fox and Machine Gun confused fans with separation rumors.

Isabel Cara

Megan Fox y Machine Gun celebraron juntos el Super Bowl tras rumores de separación

Megan Fox and Machine Gun saw the Super Bowl together despite separation rumors, and it looks like everything is okay between them. The couple is considered one of the favorite and most passionate celebrities, and they do not limit themselves in showing how much love they have for each other. They have never let go ever since they were first seen together, even though they have been surrounded by separation controversies and strong arguments.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun got engaged in January 2022, after a year and a half together, when they promised to share their lives forever. This was sealed with two rings joined by a magnet-like device, with an emerald and a diamond to represent their birthstones, intertwined in two magnetic bands of thorns that join together as two halves of the same soul, forming a heart. Undoubtedly, it was one of the most attention-grabbing events, which is why breakup rumors have surprised all their fans.

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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Celebrated Super Bowl Together

Many were certain Megan Fox and Machine Gun had separated, or at least that’s what they showed through their social media. The actress would have sent a well-directed indirect message to her fiancé or ex-fiancé through her Instagram account and then deleted it. However, it seems that those rumors have come to an end, according to Entertainment Tonight, which claims that they have been together all weekend. They even saw the 2023 Super Bowl and Rihanna’s return to the stage together.

“Megan and MGK have been together all Super Bowl weekend. They have been together at parties every night, including last night, and they seemed to be fine. Last night, MGK also performed at a party, but he seemed a bit down. He had little energy, and the performance was not excellent,” a source revealed to Entertainment Tonight.

However, not all fans were very calm with this revelation, as the actress continues to give no signs on social media, and her latest post left them very worried.

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“You can taste dishonesty / it’s all over your breath,” Megan Fox wrote in her post, which is part of the lyrics from Beyoncé’s “Pray You Catch Me” song. Additionally, a source close to the couple revealed that Megan and MGK have a very intense relationship, so they often argue and reconcile immediately.

“Megan and MGK have a very intense relationship with many ups and downs. They tend to argue and then end up reconciling. They also like to tease their fans during moments of ‘break’ to draw attention,” the source concluded. Still, it seems that everything is fine between Megan Fox and Machine Gun, and it was just a false alarm.

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