Prince Harry to publish memoirs that “will shake the core of British monarchy”

Prince Harry’s memoir will include revelations that “will shake the core of the (British) Monarchy” and that will be particularly critical of his father’s wife, Camilla, according to a close friend of Charles of England’s son, in statements published this Sunday by the Sunday Mirror.

Friends of the Duke of Sussex, who currently lives in California with his wife, Meghan, and his two children, Archie and Lillibet, predict that the book will uncover his true feelings for the Duchess of Cornwall.

“He has many things to say. People believe that she keeps a discreet profile out of respect for the family, but that is not it. He is writing a book,” says that source.

He adds that Harry “has signed a multimillion-dollar contract and is keeping a lot of opinions to himself because of it. The contract specifies that it must include personal and family details.”

That friend assures that the memoirs “will shake the core of the monarchy.”

The book is expected to explore Harry’s childhood, his time in the Army – including when he was in the war in Afghanistan – and his marriage to American actress Meghan Markle.

Queen Elizabeth II recently confirmed that Camilla, 74, will be queen consort when her son Charles comes to the throne.

Harry used his last public appearance, a video call this week to former Welsh rugby captain Gareth Thomas, to pay tribute to his late mother, Diana of Wales.

During that intervention, however, Prince William’s little brother did not allude to the Queen’s announcement, a silence that speaks for itself, according to a close friend of the prince, according to which the Duke of Sussex does not maintain a close relationship with Camilla.

“Although the tensions between the two have eased over the years, it has been more to show unity than to be a close relationship,” he notes.

According to that source whose identity has not been identified, “at the beginning, there were big problems (between them) but both Harry and William grew up and matured, things improved and now they can live together as adults. They have never had a close relationship and they don’t have one.”

The British newspaper points out that Harry’s memoirs could be published before Christmas.