5 Signs That It’s Time To Stop The Party And Start Adulting

This is actually a hard one for me, since I refuse to grow up. Not only is Peter Pan my favorite story ever, but he’s become some sort of life example. You know, for the issue of not growing up. Still, I always thought he wasn’t very smart and that he should have gone on into the real life, grow up until he was in his twenties, and then travel back to Neverland. Actually, he should’ve taken the lost boys with him and having reached only some level of maturity, talk to Captain Hook, solve their issues, and party like pirates forever. That’s quite of a sequel story, huh? But leaving Pan and the amazing Hook aside, there’s a sort of denial in each individual when it comes to adulting, especially when we’re in our twenties. 

There’s no doubt that we all wish we didn’t grow up. We always think of our youth as an passing treasure we wish was permanent. I know I sound like an old lady, but even when I still have a couple of years more to enjoy my twenties, it’s hard not to feel bummed when thinking about how fast these years will pass. I’m not saying that we should drink our life away and devote our time only to parties. But I do think that, in a way, partying is a way of expressing our youth. I said this subject was difficult for me because I do love going out with friends and having a couple of drinks. But then again, life always makes sure to remind us that our spirit might not notice the passing of time, but our body does, and it constantly reminds us we’re not getting any younger. I’m not only talking about hangovers (the worst curse we could ever experience). There are many signs that make us consider we should really forget the full party lifestyle and start adulting.

You feel tired all the time

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Besides the fact that hangovers become tougher to get through, with time our energy decreases, and it becomes harder to recover from a weekend of parties and little sleep. As a result, we don’t give our best in our daily activities, and we end up living automatically for the sake of the party.

You don’t seem to enjoy anything but going out

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That tiredness you carry throughout the week makes you lose interest in your main activities. Now, it’s possible you don’t really like your job or whatever activity you practice. But if that’s the case, don’t pour your life into parties. Instead, look for something that excites you and makes you happy.

You don’t have enough money to do other things

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Whether we want to accept it or not, parties do consume a large chunk of our income. Seriously, if I happen to stay home one weekend, my wallet remains intact, and that’s also beautiful. But sometimes we don’t even realize how much we spend on these events, and if you’re independent, you suffer a lot trying to make it to payday. I’m not kidding, that’s hard.

You don’t like spending time by yourself

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One of the best signs to realize you’ve had too many parties is when you don’t seem to enjoy a moment of solitude, just you and your thoughts, even watching a movie. You can only think about where are you going out tonight, and at the end of the day, that inability to be by your own ends up frustrating you whenever you can’t go out. Been there, done that.

You can’t wait for the weekend to arrive

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You might not have the energy to develop your daily life, but when it comes to planning what to do next weekend, you feel a boost of energy. Although we all long for weekends, especially on Mondays, it’s kind of terrible to waste five days of your week just planning what to do for only two of them. I mean, aren’t we missing a lot of our lives on that?

Don’t get me wrong, adulting, that millennial term we’ve invented just to perpetuate our youth, isn’t a synonym of being boring or not doing anything fun. Moreover, it doesn’t mean you have to forget about parties, or at least for me. I think I’m adulting quite well: I moved to my own place. I’m paying my bills without having to ask anyone for help. I go to work every day. Yet, I do enjoy partying with my friends. I think everything is a balance and that’s what adulting is all about.


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