The Dangers Of Vaping That We Barely Know About

1568304174115 vaping. 001 - the dangers of vaping that we barely know aboutAlarms have recently gone off after vape-related deaths in the United States, and even President Donald Trump has weighed in on the issue. Up until recently, smokers all over the world thought that e-cigarettes would save the world from lung cancer, and that it was a good enough substitute that could be used to quit smoking. This is far from being the case, so it’s good that we take a good look at the facts.

What is vaping, anyway?

Sure, we go all around talking about vaping, but what does it refer to exactly? According to this article from The Conversation, vaping “describes the process of inhaling aerosols generated by devices such as e-cigarettes.” But how much safer are they? To be fair, e-cigarettes did not have all of the other harmful combustion products inhaled through cigarette smoke. However, the truth is the scientific community is unlikely to know the full spectrum of its safety with such cigarettes only recently entering the market.

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A brief history of vaping

Vaping first came to the United States as recently as 2006, and it has only been popular for less than 10 years. Like many drugs that were later associated with deaths, the e-cigarette was first met with optimism, like it would save the world from lung cancer or something. And smokers thought it was a good enough substitute that would make them quit smoking. By the way, quitting cigarettes is officially called “cessation.”

Is it safe or just safer?

This is, as they say, the million-dollar question. First of all, let’s stress how vaping was initially perceived as a good method for cessation. It was a way of ingesting nicotine, without ingesting all of the chemicals that came with burning tobacco leaves. It therefore replaced, to a certain extent, methods like nicotine patches, gum and nasal spray. Now, two questions arise from this. First of all, does it work? And second of all, is it at all safe to vape or is it just safer than cigarettes. So far, research has been inconclusive, which in turn, has been hotly debated.

Studies have shown mixed results. Some have demonstrated an increase in cessations, from 9.9% to 18% but people who used vaping as a cessation method have been found to remain dependent on vaping. And in addition to this, 80% of the random people who were selected for a study returned to smoking when it was done.

As for safety, vaping has been branded safe-er than smoking, but that doesn’t mean they are safe at all because it has only been in the market for a certain number of years and because it is rapidly and constantly changing, scientists still don’t know the effect of the chemicals used for flavor. There are now more than 450 confirmed cases of vaping-associated lung injuries, and some have been related to marijuana.

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None of this means you should go back to smoking regular cigarettes. That’s still unsafe. That hasn’t changed one bit. But don’t let your guard down when it comes to vaping, at least until we know for sure what’s going on.

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