Where to Watch All 2023 Oscar Nominees for Best Picture?

The awards season has already begun with the Academy Awards’ nominations, and if you still don’t know where to watch all 2023 Oscar nominees for Best Picture, you’d be able to find it out here.

Isabel Cara

Where to Watch All 2023 Oscar Nominees for Best Picture?

We finally know which films will compete for the coveted gold statuette of the Hollywood Academy! If you are one of those who have wondered where to watch all the 2023 Oscar nominees for Best Picture, here is all the info you need to organize your next movie marathon.

Where to Watch All 2023 Oscar Nominees for Best Picture?

All Quiet On the Western Front

After voluntarily enlisting, Paul Bäumer and his friends, Alber and Müller, realize that their impulsive act of patriotism may cost them their lives as soon as they discover the brutal reality of combatants on the front lines. This will not only change their preconceptions about enemies and the good and bad aspects of the conflict but also experience firsthand the ravages of fighting that they find no sense.

Everything Everywhere All At Once

The life of Evelyn Wang, an adult immigrant who owns a laundromat, seems monotonous. She no longer gets along with her husband; she can’t connect with her daughter, and her debts keep mounting. However, her life takes a 180-degree turn when she finds herself involved in a strange and crazy adventure when an alternate version of her husband comes to ask for her help to face an evil that could put an end to all humanity and the existing multiverses.

Avatar: The Way of Water

This sequel to Avatar shows the life of Jake Sully, the former soldier who decided to change sides for the defense of the Na’vi culture, native from the Pandora planet. He becomes chief of his tribe and his family, although his years of peace get invariably interrupted when several ex-soldiers cloned into Na’vi bodies land on the planet to seek revenge against him, his family, and the ruling species and, in the process, to conquer the land and all on it, prompting the Sullys to seek a way to survive getting refuge in the cradle of a maritime tribe.

The Banshees of Inisherin

Two lifelong friends, Padraic and Colm, find themselves suddenly separated when Colm decides to end their relationship for no apparent reason. Clinging to the idea that he can bring his friend back, Padraic looks for a way to apologize to Colm by doing various things that only end up driving his ex-friend away, and getting both to the point where they end up conjuring up a confrontation that will not only hurt them but, also, will get things badly for those whom they love and the people of the town in which they live on.


The rise and fall of the great King of Rock, Elvis Presley, is told in this film through the eyes of his longtime manager, Colonel Tom Parker, who turned him into an international rockstar at a high cost, not only for his mental health but also in his psycho-emotional stability. This biopic follows the most climatic moments in the musician’s career and his personal life, in the hope to humanize the legend and showing that, like everyone else, he was also a passionate human being.

The Fabelmans

After witnessing his first big screen performance, young Sammy Fabelman gets a new dream: to become a filmmaker himself. And for this reason, he seeks to recreate the film he saw on a home recording style, and relies on Mitzi, his mother, for this. Little by little, the boy’s project turns out into a more ambitious one, taking ideas from Cecil B. DeMille and John Ford’s films, but things get complicated at the time he discovers a family secret that will put the members of his household on defense, creating tensing moments that threats to ruin the boy’s dream.


Lydia Tár has achieved everything she ever wanted: she’s a world-renowned music composer and the first woman to conduct the Berlin Philharmonic band. She achieved this status not only because of her hard work, dedication, and talent, but also because of her manipulative skills and some unethical actions, which could come to light as her memories are worked through on a book, and her next big target, a live recording of Gustav Mahler’s No. 5 Symphony, turns out to be more threatening than she expected.

Triangle of Sadness

The life of the wealthy is not as happy as many people think, and this film explores it catastrophically and dramatically, with a good touch of comedy. It follows Carl and Yaya, a young, beautiful, and deep-pocketed model couple, who are invited to a luxury cruise for wealthy couples. While both try to cope with the ups and downs of their relationship, an eventuality will turn their world upside down: the cruise ship sinks, and the survivors must find a way to outlast on a deserted island.

Women Talking

The ravages of this patriarchal society have to stop, and this film is a complaint against it, following the lives of eight women belonging to a Mennonite colony isolated from who, in the middle of 2010, seek solace and reconciliation with their reality and their faith, after discovering the horrors the men in their community have done to women. Reality will make the main characters undergo internal judgments on how to deal with the issue, how to cope with it, and how to stop it from going on.

Top Gun: Maverick

This long-awaited sequel to “Top Gun” sees the return of Pete Mitchell “Maverick” to become part of its training program for future fighters, 30 years after his retirement. There, he must confront some bitter moments from his past while training a group of young future pilots, although one of them, the son of his best friend, Nick “Goose” Bradshaw, will turn his life upside down by being tough and reluctant to learn.

Now that you know where to watch all 2023 Oscar nominees for Best Picture it’s your time to make some popcorn or purchase movie tickets to enjoy each of these big productions before the arrival of the gala. Which one do you think will get the prize?

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