Austin Butler Considered Retiring after His Mother’s Passing

Austin Butler, the actor who portrayed Elvis Presley, confessed that he wanted to change careers in 2014.

Isabel Cara

Austin Butler pensó retirarse tras el fallecimiento de su madre y qué bueno que no lo hizo

Austin Butler is the 31-year-old actor who starred in ‘Elvis’, a film that finally brought him the success he had been hoping for in his career with a Best Actor nomination at the 2023 Academy Awards. He knows very well that life takes many unexpected turns, just like it happens in movies.

But before bringing the controversial Elvis Presley to life, Butler considered retiring after his mother’s death. He confessed this during an exclusive interview with Access Hollywood, where he stated he had considered pursuing a different career in 2014.

“After my mother passed away, I put things into a different perspective and started to question if this was a profession that could help the world or anything,” he said.

Austin Butler said that, at the time, he had a more realistic view that not everything you dream about can come true. “There are moments when you also can’t do what you really dream of doing, and you wonder if you’ll ever get to that point of being able to work with the people you’ve always wanted to,” he continued.