Barry Keoghan: Orphan at 12 and Oscar Nominee Actor at 30

He is Barry Keoghan, the talented actor who has become one of the favorites in Hollywood.

Isabel Cara

Barry Keoghan

Who is Barry Keoghan? He’s the talented actor going for the Oscar… and it’s no secret that, behind great fame, a complicated path or a painful past may be hidden. Hundreds of celebrities have gone through difficult stories before reaching where they are now, and by staying grounded, they are proud of all the effort that has led them to success, especially in making their dreams come true, just as Barry Keoghan has lived it.

Barry Keoghan is considered one of the best actors today, and, at 30 years old, he has already gained the attention of several film studios and directors. It’s not surprising, because each of his works has been impeccable and well-received by the film industry and audiences.

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Who Is Barry Keoghan: The Tragedy before the Fame

Barry Keoghan was born on October 18, 1992, in north Dublin, Ireland, and grew up with his mother and brother Eric in a low-income neighborhood. Over the years, Barry had to face his mother’s addiction, who unfortunately passed away when he was only 12 years old.

After their mother’s death, Barry and Eric lived for seven years in different children’s homes, being expelled from one after the other due to their terrible behavior. The actor himself has expressed in several interviews that they stayed in at least thirteen foster homes during that time until their grandmother Patricia and aunt Lorraine decided to take care of them.

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His Entry into the Film Industry… and Success

Barry’s grandmother Patricia forced him to look for a job, but he was always rejected due to his history, until one day, when he found an ad looking for actors for an independent film, so he decided to take the risk and got the part. The actor landed a small role named Aido in the film Between the Canals. It was there that his grandmother realized her grandson’s great talent and decided to pay for his acting school in 2011.

From that moment on, Barry Keoghan’s life changed. He gradually started getting important projects such as Fair City and Love/Hate, which earned him recognition in Ireland and led him to be considered for much larger roles in films such as ‘71, Mammal, and Trespass Against Us.

The door to fame was opened for Barry Keoghan in The Killing of a Sacred Deer, where he portrayed Martin Lang and worked alongside Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell. He then caught the attention of Hollywood. Shortly after, Christopher Nolan hired him to appear in Dunkirk alongside Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh, Tom Hardy, Michael Caine, and Harry Styles. Barry began to experience unparalleled success, and we’ve had the opportunity to see his talent in Chernobyl, American Animals, The Green Knight, Eternals, and The Batman.

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Barry Keoghan Is Going for the Oscar

Currently, Barry Keoghan is nominated for the 2023 Oscars for Best Supporting Actor, thanks to his role as Dominic Kearney in The Banshees of Inisherin, so far one of the best works of his career and undoubtedly one of the Academy’s favorites.

Despite everything he has gone through, Barry Keoghan does not forget where he comes from, and he also does not hold a grudge against his mother. In fact, in several interviews, he has expressed that he remembers her with great affection and thinks of her every time he auditions so that she can bring him good luck.

Currently, Barry Keoghan is considered one of the best actors in all of Ireland and, apparently, one of Hollywood’s favorites. His effort and dedication, as well as the support of his grandmother, allowed him to fulfill his dreams and become who he is now.

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