Goodbye, Danny Boyle! There Is A New Director For The Next James Bond Film

Though Bond 25 won’t be released until February 14th, 2020, it’s the controversy regarding the production and premiere of the franchise what has taken the media for the last few months. Academy Award winner Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionarie, 2008) walked away from the project in August this year due to “creative differences” with part of the crew. The conversation and rumors about who would be in charge of directing the next installment of the legendary British series had been chaotic… until today. The Emmy winning filmmaker, Cary Joji Fukunaga (True Detective, 2014) has been assigned to take control of the upcoming episode of one of the most legendary film franchises in Hollywood.

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Photo: Variet

Why did Boyle quit?

Rumor has it that the decision to leave the project is directly linked to creative differences with Daniel Craig, who has played the famous 007 in the last four films. According to sources near the production, Craig wanted his character to die in this new film so a new actor could be revealed at the end of the film as the new face of James Bond. However, Boyle wanted to keep Craig alive in the story, which led to creative differences up to the point that it made it necessary to find another director who did justice to the script.

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Who is Fukunaga?

The forty-one-year-old American director will take the lead in the filming process for the 25th chapter of the Bond saga. He is the creator of True Detective’s first season, and he wrote and directed Sin Nombre, a film produced by Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal, a film that captures the struggle of poverty and violence to which Latin Americans are submitted on their way to the United States. Fukanaga has also directed Netflix’s Beasts Of No Nation (2015), in which he worked with British actor Idris Elba (who was rumored to become the new face of 007, though the actor finally denied being part of the film).

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When will Bond 25 premiere?

With the change of director, the production schedule had to be rearranged, so it was moved to February 2020, just a year after its original release date.

Do you think Fukunaga is a good match for the franchise? Is he a better option than Boyle? Leave us a comment.


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