These Movies And Telenovelas Show Why Edith González Was So Loved

1560461529760 edith gonzalez mexican telenovela actress best works - these movies and telenovelas show why edith gonzález was so lovedBy Corina Mendoza

Edith González had been battling ovarian cancer since 2016. One year later, it seemed she had beaten the disease thanks to medical treatment. However, it came back recently, and today, the news of her demise took her fans by surprise.

Salomé (2001), Nunca te olvidaré (1999), and Telemundo’s Doña Bárbara (2008) were the biggest hits that made her one of the most influential and best-paid actresses in Mexico. However, her talent wasn’t exclusive to telenovelas; she worked in movies, theater, and many other projects, even when she was sick.

These are her most iconic roles, the ones that made her a favorite with the public:

Deseo (2013) Dir. Antonio Zavala

A film about crossed storylines in which the lives of the characters end up being linked through desire and their sexual awakenings. This is a movie about the simplicity of the everyday moments of life.

Corazón Salvaje (1993)

In early twentieth-century Mexico, a young and beautiful countess falls madly in love with the bastard son of a wealthy man. The scandal and their differences will make their love story a really heated one filled with drama.

Salomé (2001-2002)
Salomé is a cabaret dancer who falls madly in love with Julio Montesinos, a wealthy man. Their passionate love has consequences, including an unexpected pregnancy. It all gets even messier when the man’s villainous mother, who hates Salomé, attempts to take the baby from her, which makes Salomé flee the city and take care of her neighbor’s kids to make them pass as brothers.

Eva la trailera (2016)

Eva is a woman who decides to build an emotional wall to avoid being hurt after being betrayed by those she loved the most. As a truck driver, she has to face perils on the road every day, but for her, personal relationships are much riskier and more dangerous.

Mujeres Asesinas: “Clara, fantasiosa” (2009)

In this series (based on real events), Edith plays Clara, a woman who kills her neighbor after wrongly believing she has an affair with her husband. As one of the best acting jobs she ever did, with this episode, she demonstrated she’s capable of being more than just the sad telenovela heroine.

Edith González was definitely one of the last great actresses of Mexican television, with a long and stable career. She’ll be missed by her fans, but we’ll always have her movies and telenovelas to remember her at her best.

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